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1. visit in LA and NYC of the Rav BenTov Shlita Tzaddik, Rav Ro
please if you can publish the Rav BenTov from American Friends of Dor Vador institututions will visit NYC 19 -27 Feb, and Los Angeles 23 - 19 Feb. Please call us for appointments NOW 718-435-0189 or 917-907-4537 thanks a lot and please call me asap. chana
chana ,   nyc   (01.12.06)
2. true and false
that is being idea of true and false in the world the humain think of god that is true and evil that is false , but we now see different idea not all color black and white there is yellow gray brown etc. there are many color and also there are diffent idea some one kow that it is true, so i dont know>
naji ,   bethlehem   (02.25.06)
3. seeking the Spirit of God
the one thing the u.s.a can do for israel is to give her its knowledge of God's Holy Spirit.
k.gaudette ,   claremont, nh, usa   (12.26.07)
4. jesusalen
jesusalen is the new city,all nations know that israelites do not lie anymore and the holy land will be israel because the truth is with us.
cristian ,   bs as ,argentina   (01.15.08)
5. Love the photos from the past!!!!
Thanks! Toda! Love, Neal H. Hurwitz NY, NY on Facebook!---see me there...make me a Friend there!
neal h. hurwitz ,   NY, NY, usa   (04.19.08)
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