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Nasrallah: Palestine belongs to Palestinians from sea to river     Roee Nahmias
1. Duh ?
And the delusional idiots of Israel thought they could reach a peace deal with the moslems. How stupid of you to not see that they were just getting all you were willing to give before they attacked. The bush Road Map has always led to hell ,naive fools.
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.26.08)
2. Heaven Door are in Holy Jerusalem !!
Heaven door are on the Wall in Jerusalem. Israel Star is gate on the wall and Torah is truth holy book to all mankind. Elohim (God) gave Jerusalem to Israeli. All Elohim(God/Allah) words is truth. Then Muslims must respect to Torah and more not be fight with terror. In Holy Land more terror is not allowed. Stop to support terrorism!! Peace !!
Lutfi Altinel ,   Orhangazi,Turkey   (09.26.08)
3. no one has the authority ???
G-d does.... period Nasrallah does raise a point that the western press either ignores or does not want to understand, ... that is in the radical islamic mind any time a land that is given or is captured by a non-islamic nation ....all effort must be made to resecure that land no matter how long it takes. .... it does not matter if there is a two state solution radical Islam will continue to persue reclaiming the rest of Israel (palistine).... the palistinians is only a pawn in radical Islam plan to evict Israel. The prophets of Israel share how it all will end .... Psalms83 ezekiel 36 -40 Joel 3:2 The book of Daniel and many more
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (09.26.08)
4. nasrallah digging graves
and a big one for himself.
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.26.08)
5. olives and figs are scared
Yes they are .... but before israel became a nation those items were barely a small percentage of what they are today.....and I predict would Rapidly return to pre 1948 levels should the Jews be evicted from the mid-east....and then so much for sacared
Psalms 83 ,   selah   (09.26.08)
6. And here I was thinking this was just about Shebaa farms
Silly me. I had no idea Nasrallah had more sinister intentions.
Jake   (09.26.08)
7. Still hiding in his roach hole
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.26.08)
8. Where is Mossad when you need it?
Dan ,   USA   (09.26.08)
9. With this kind of leadership the Arab will continue to dwell
in misery! They are their own worst enemies.
Gai ,   USA   (09.26.08)
10. Nasrallah ennemy of Sunnis
11. Coward rat barking from Syrian bunker!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.26.08)
12. reply to #7 Arie
If you dont have something intelligent to say, I suggest you shut up, idiot.
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (09.26.08)
13. Nasrallah says......
But the Koran contradicts his words, as nowhere inthe Koran is Jerusalem mentioned as the muslim holy site. The Koran only mentions Mecca& Medina as the holiest Places. ...Jerusalem is mentioned in the old testement as the homeland of the Jews, and it is mentioned in that way in the Koran as well! So Nasrallah Gd said Jerusalem is for the Jews, You stick to Mecca and Medina! Or you will bring down the wrath of Gd on your people!
Rox ,   Israel   (09.26.08)
14. Prophets
You left out Zechariah, who really describes the end when all the nations divide Jerusalem.
sheldon waxman ,   USA   (09.26.08)
15. Palestine belongs to who exactly?
You vile excuse for a human being Nasrallah. There was no such place as Palestine until it was created by the British Government. A government which freed the land from mass murderers and people masquerading as muslims but who would never pass the gates of heaven as such. You will never be a Palestinian citizen. Nor your children nor your children's children. Then State of Israel will help Palestinians build their State and someday the Palestinian nation will make a public apology to us for the sins of their fathers and their fathers' fathers who declared to the whole world they would finish the Holocaust started by Hitler. You Nasrallah will be immoretalised in history books until this planet is burned out cinder under the Sun. But you will be immortalised as an enemy of Islam and of Israel. I hope GOD reincarnates your evil soul in a pig.
steve ,   london, england   (09.26.08)
16. Jerusalem
It is clearly mentioned by Allah in the holy Qoran that Jerusalem and the holy land of palestine belongs to the Jews as their promissed land
Ali ,   UAE   (09.26.08)
17. #12. No, I think it's you that had better to shut up
Do not dare to venture on Israeli websites to lecture people on manners. It is correct. Nasrallah is a cockroach, hiding in a hole, who has just declared (again) a war against the existence of Israel plainly and openly. Israel is "a cancerous tumor" indeed. It will destroy and cause to perish the evil organism that attempts to annihilate Israelis and Jews.
Jake   (09.26.08)
19. #12 Bandar, this site isn't Al Jazeera
Behave mannerly in this site; otherwise you'll be getting insulted with the most effervescent Arabic expressions!
Henrik   (09.27.08)
20. NO! islam is a violent cult, the enemy of the world.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.27.08)
21. We sure are
So are all Christians, Bhuddists, Hindus, Taoists, etc. And the sooner the world wakes up to that fact the sooner you Muslims will join all that have attempted to oppress the Jews. The dustbin of history.
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.27.08)
22. The Islamic world refuses to accept Israel's right to exist.
The Islamic world, whether organized in the Arab League or in the Organization of the Islamic Conference or in Islamic groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, uses its refusal to accept Israel's right to exist as a rallying cry to enlist Muslims to the ranks of the global jihad whether through groups such as al Qaida or Hizbullah or Islamist cells in places like Britain and Norway. Israel is perceived in a political sense as an American enclave in the Islamic world which must be destroyed as a first step towards the destruction of Western Civilization as explained at :
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.08)
23. Saladin was a Kurd who Arabs treat like animals
300,000 Syrian Kurds 'Buried Alive' Kurds being gassed by Iraqi Arabs.
Ken Jurist   (09.27.08)
24. Nasrallah and Mafia Gang Pals
All the same SOB's They want the total destruction of the Jews and Israel. Not one mm difference from Adolf Time (WW2) Better, they have learn from his methods and the Gang want to finish his job. A pact with Abbas or any Muslims is simply Suicidal my friends. No 2 State solution or ...yes all the Jews in Israel and all the Muslims out in the desserts of Arabia or whathever they find. Never Again
AlbertoGa ,   St. George UT, USA   (09.27.08)
25. Nasrallah and Hollywood, what about beetles, REAL ones, the
Why do you give this animal such front page, top of the column, picture op. publicity. He gets more publicity in Israel, (inc. your paper) than any 10 famous Jews together. And all the other Arab mamzerim. If one little unknown, unheard of piece of drek throws a stone, or "greps's " he's front page news right away. Smarten up and write about what is important. One thing you DO do very well, and that is to avoid publishing anything critical to yourselves. Or am I confusing you with Arutz 7.....maybe. Anyway, pleasantly surprise me this time.
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (09.27.08)
26. Yes, he's right the land must belong to its owners
"[Israel's] stones, olives and figs are sacred, and no one has the right to give it up. This land must belong to its owners, and it will return, God willing." Does he even recognize the irony of his own statement?
Angel Gabriel ,   Is Coming   (09.27.08)
27. al quds is nothing but an abomination and
a political extortion tactic. Nasrallah can stick his al cruds day where the sun don't shine!
28. be worried israel. be vary worried
its funny that israelis with all the military superiority got their rump kicked in by few thousand brave men from south lebanon and gaza.
sami ,   son of yaffa   (09.27.08)
29. to number 17
i think you should shut up.
yasser arafat ,   alquds, falasteen   (09.27.08)
30. nasrollah's big mouth
At some points, israel has to push back 1) ancient israel belonged to jews, there were no arabs 2)UN offered partition, arabs rejected and attacked israel over and over again 3) Eliminte nasrollha, ahmadinejad, anybody who opens his big bloody mouth Olmert did none of this and that is why he was and is such a coward known to all.
alexi   (09.27.08)
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