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1. Auschwitz operated by Poles???
Such an ignorance is breath-taking. This merits the attention of the Polish embassy and the Polish media.
Justine   (02.03.10)
2. Author should read Deborah Lipstadt
And some other Jewish scholars who I presume have better academic credentials than him. Here's the relevant part of Deborah Lipstad's blog: Spoiler: no, Poles didn't "operate" Auschwitz and according to Wistrich and others they were less involved in the Holocaust than many other Eastern European nations. BTW, author's son gives speeches in USA in which he urges Americans to cut funding to Israel because of the immoral treatment of Palestinians.
Justine   (02.03.10)
3. The Holocaust/Gaza comparison
In the former, civilians are forced into concentration camps and systematically exterminated. In the latter, terrorists launch rockets from densely populated areas toward Israeli civilians, knowing full well that in the counterattacks there will be civilian casualties on their side. In both cases the perpetrators of the crimes were by non-Jews against Jews. In the latter case, the Jews fight back. That is not a crime of their own.
Chonny ,   Colorado, US   (02.03.10)
4. Honesty
This is the first honest comment I've read in a long time.
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.03.10)
5. He wrote it himself
One thing Bibi is a pastmaster at - semantics. Words he knows. Actions, not so good. Loves the sound of his own words though.
Barry Norman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.03.10)
6. What?
7. Who operated Auschwitz??
In every country the Germans went into during WWII, there were anti-semites who assisted the Nazis, but to say that Poles "operated" Auschwitz is WRONG. Auschwitz was a German/Nazi-created and -run camp. Also, it's hard to say which country had more antisemites than another. It could be argued that Hungarian Arrow Cross squads were far more antisemitic than Poles. All we can say for sure is that in every country into which the Nazis marched, they were able to find people who zealously helped them murder Jews.
Pumpkin Pie   (02.03.10)
8. Dishonesty, indeed
Mr. Tsahor, get your facts straight. Auschwitz, whatever coincidence of location in Poland, was not operated by Poles. In fact, there were thousands of Polish prisoners incarcerated there and thousands Poles had died there. Current Polish regime is one of the friendliest towars Israel in Europe. What did you want the PM to tell them, that they are worse than the Nazis???? Your column is doing the same thing to Poland as Goldstone report is dong to Israel. No Pole lover.
JK ,   LA, USA   (02.03.10)
9. Bloody disgrace!!!
This article is a bloody disgrace! Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka and the rest of the VernichtungsLager were set up by the GERMANS in Poland because there were some 3 million Jews to exterminate living right there! And not only were there antisemites in EVERY country the Germans occupied, but antisemitism had grown in EVERY country, thanks to the twelve years of GERMAN anti-Jewish Nazi-propaganda! Yes, hundreds of Gazan minors died in the defensive Cast Lead Operation, but many of those were heavily armed and active teenaged fighters, hardly innocent "children"!
AJ - Raalte   (02.03.10)
10. Zeev Tzahor's opinion
How this "humanist" of palestinian cause can be so ignorant of Shoah history... He needs to spend some days at Yadvashem library before he writes another word about this subject and compares indirectly Gaza kids killings to Shoah events in Poland. How can he publish this kind of opinion? it's slander and ignorance ... I am Shoah surviving child from Poland and his opinion offends me and many other survivors from Poland.
benezra genevieve ,   Israel   (02.03.10)
11. Garbage
What a garbage this text is. The Polish diplomatic services will undoubtedly take the legal action against it. I have nothing against controversial theses but ignorance is intolerable!
Eli ,   Raanana   (02.03.10)
12. #3 its worse than you think
The Arabs in Gaza are one of the fastest growing populations in the world, and recently told how half their population is less than 18 years old. This means that there must be plenty of food and excellent health care. Needless to say, the situation of the Jews during the Shoah was entirely different. No births. No children under the age of 15. No Food. Mengele's medical care. It seems that Zeev Tzahor's main purpose was to belittle the Holocaust.
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.03.10)
13. Ze’ev Tzahor's knowledge of the Shoah
Is about the same as Odumba's knowledge of the creation of the State of Israel. Both devoid of facts.
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.03.10)
14. Poland should sue this head of Sapir College!
I sure would have something to say if I were a big donor to Sapir College. (Or did Ze'ev reitre?) Another ignorant Israeli academic who cares more for the human rights of our killers than for our soldiers. I wonder if he has had any sons in combat units. Probably not. Poland should definitely sue the pants off this huffing ,puffing phoney. If it is true about his son, I am not surprised. Ze'ev, I suggest you read a few serious HOLOCAUST books. Isn't it amazing the guy has a PhD.? And we put HIM in charge of a wonderful college! Certainly food for thought, here.
Negev Girl ,   Israel   (02.03.10)
15. Is this person a university teacher?
He has a PhD in History, right? So it cannot be an ignorance - this is purposely made comment for media or just to upset Polish nation. More importantly - he teaches this lies Israeli students, who will learn history of Holocaust hating Poles more than Germans. This kind of information will come back to Poland, therefore please do not blame Poles for growing anti-semitism. It's not a court case - Poland against Tzahor. He should be sued by Israeli Government and taken away possibility to teach for life!
Les ,   Wellington, NZ   (02.04.10)
16. ignorant!
This man should firstly read something about Shoah and then write! Death camps weren't operated by Poles!
m.   (02.04.10)
17. shocking example of hipocrisy
I dont really know, what will such irresponsible articles lead to. It is so shocking, hypocritical and libelous, that I have nothing left to reming the author: - the phenomenon of jewish schmalzowniks and ghetto police - massacre on polish village of Koniuchy perpetrated by Jewish communist guerilla - a phenomenon of greetings by many Jewish inhabitants of Kresy region to the soviet armies invading Eastern Poland after 17 IX 1939 - a phenomenon of collaboration of some Jews with the NKVD and soviet occupation administration in years 1939-41: couple of hundreds thousands Polish citizens were either sent to Siberia or killed - a phenomenon in years of 1945-56 of largely overrepresentative share in ranks of the communist security apparatus (the higher the rank, the larger the share)... and I am really sad to be the one to remind about those shameful facts which for the author seemed convenient to not mention... Really, YNet, please... With such articles, the Jewish-Polish dialogue will end in the cul-de-sac...
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (02.04.10)
18. Author lies
Please, remove this stupid sentence about Poles operating Auschwitz. Otherwise, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have to take proper steps.
Adam   (02.04.10)
19. Meshuge?
Is "meshuge" an appropriate word to describe author's "original interpretation" of history, how do you think?
sceptnick ,   Zielona Gora, Poland   (02.04.10)
20. scandalous!
Ze'ev Tzahor, you are a liar!
Martynowski ,   Paris France   (02.04.10)
21. Auschwitz liar
#20 To be more accurate, author is an Auschwitz liar similarly to Ahmadinejad of Iran. In some of civilized countries he would face a criminal trial.
sceptnick ,   Zielona Gora, Poland   (02.04.10)
22. Auschwitz speech, response to Goldstone characterized by dis
Dont' try to change history mr Ze’ev Tzahor. We remember.
Bart ,   Oświęcim, Poland   (02.04.10)
Just look at the table...
Mike ,   Cracow, Poladn   (02.04.10)
24. Tzahor is a fool.
The leadership of Hamas routinely surround themselves with their children and women as human shields. This is well documented and known by all. If that Hamas leader is ordering rockets fired on my children, then by all means bomb his home when he is there and if he uses his children as human shields, so be it. In addition, Hamas trained fighters-soldiers-under the age of 18 are classified as "children" by the Arabs. If one is killed firing on IDF troops, is that "murdering children?" Finally, I would never trust casualty figures from Arabs who count suicide bombers as "civilian casualties at the hands of the Israelis." THis so-called intellectual from Sapir College is a moron. Isn't that the college where the Arab film professor tried to kick out a student because he was wearing his IDF uniform? Enough nonsense. Israel need not listen to idiot Jews with an inner death wish by stupidity.
Lee Kaplan ,   Berkeley, USA   (02.04.10)
25. you are dishonest, Mr. Tzahor....
you owe an apology to Poland and the Poles.... such a bunch of lies......
dana rothschild ,   jerusalem, israel   (02.04.10)
26. Were Ghetto Policeman Germans?
According the history of Auschwitz. Most victims were Jews (around half of them were Polish citizens because approximately 50% of European Jews lived in Poland) however, the first prisoners and victims of Auschwitz were Polish citizens of Polish origin. Polish were considered untermenschen by Germans, the same as Jews were. So if Polish had worked there they would have killed Polish Jews and Polish non-Jews. Also remember that Jews belonged to the police in Warsaw Ghetto, and they were sending other Jews to Auschwitz - the world is not black and white. That was described by Szpilaman (in the book "The Pianist" - not shown in the movie). The Ghetto police were frequently kids of the Jewish elite, sending the poor to the camps and trying to save their rich families from death (that disgusted Szpilman). The nation that captured and sent all their Jews to concentration camps, based on the data gathered by their own administration, and using their own police, were the French. In WWII 5.2-5.8 milions of Polish citizens died 50% of them were Jews. Do you think we Polish had a reason to cooperate with Germans? In every nation there will be traitors and monsters, but that is usually small fraction of the population. I don't claim all Jews are terrorist because some crazy Israeli racist kills people with a gun. Does 'Kach' represent the views of most Israelis? I don't think so. That is why a number of criminals taking part in pogroms should not be considered typical Polish people.
bejust ,   Poland   (02.04.10)
27. I can't believe this!?
What is that? What a lie!!!!! I can't believe that let this go public. Shame on you!
Derek ,   London, Ontario   (02.04.10)
28. Ignorance
I can't understand, why the author presents such ignorance concernign historical facts. Hitler was clever - he knew that he can't build such factory of death in Germany. He knew that some years later people will remember where the death camps were built, not who build it. Articles like that one just proves, that Hitler was more clever then the author of this scrap article.
Michal ,   Poland   (02.04.10)
29. No acceptance for such articles....
Thank you all good people for your fair comments. Such unfair and deceitful articles should not be tolerated. Let's condemn it loudly. Thank you, G-d bless you.
Lan-kosher ,   Polin   (02.04.10)
30. shocking!!
I've never read such shit before. I am asking: where were his parents? provoke the conflicts, this is typical jewish mentality. Probably, he's trying to make a fame using such a slanders?
Pole ,   Warsaw/Poland   (02.04.10)
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