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West Bank demolitions prompt riots, arrests, 'price tag' missions     Aviel Magnezi
1. Barak
Ehud Barak is politically dead, he represents nobody and has no chances to go through the next elections. Can someone explain to me why Bibi links his faith to him? They should both remember what happened to Sharon!
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (07.26.10)
2. Barak/Bibi violate"Human Rights"signed by Govt/
"Univ.Declar.of Human Rights#art.2,Territories;13 right of residence and movement;18 religion;30 NO 1 can take away these rights(Shin bet/Bagatz)
sam ,   USA   (07.26.10)
3.  'price tag' missions
That terrorist attacks on Palestinians are now refered to by the press as 'price tag' missions shows just how perverse Israel has become. Israelis (settlers are Israelis) attacking Palestinians and destroying their fields are considered to be 'on a mission' - just an amazing thing to read and so so very rascist don't you think - just my humble opinion.........
Leon ,   USA   (07.26.10)
4. thanks for complete report
It's WREAKING havoc, unless you're talking about a stink.... Article is much better than Haaretz's on the same subject - theirs makes no sense
Ruth ,   USA   (07.26.10)
5. And in nearby Arab villages... many illegal structures remain untouched? This madness must stop. If it doesn't, the settlement of Tel Aviv will eventually be razed. Is that what will satisfy everyone?
Nick Nafsack ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.28.10)
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