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Hezbollah prepares hit list to avenge Mughniyeh killing    Roee Nahmias
1. Unoriginal posers. Mossad did this in the 60's
Jake ,   USA   (09.15.10)
2. Too funny!
Okay, provocation enough, stupidly announced to the world. So Israel has every justification in the world (not that it needs any) to turn the south of Lebanon into one very nice parking lot.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.15.10)
3. ?
this is obviously a cheap publicity stunt, so it begs the question: is hezbollah feeling left out and losing its relevance, or have their iranian masters ordered a little mischief to divert attention from tehran's illicit nuclear adventures? the mullahcracy has no qualms about sacrificing a few thousand lebanese proxies in their unholy mission to drag the world to armageddon. or maybe it's just that nasrallah has been in the bunker too long, and is afraid of missing his chance at paradise. (may it come sooner than later!). those virgins aren't getting any younger, either.
tom ,   toronto, canada   (09.15.10)
4. IDF: that is what you get for failing BIG TIME
What a waste of money !!!! all this money and training and American weapons and you could not defeat a bunch of shite cowards in south Lebanon. What a shame!!!
Dr. Honey ,   Gaza   (09.15.10)
5. Big fish story full of crap as usual...losers
6. The Mugniyeh killing was an act of
JUSTICE done to a notorious killer... It made the world a safer place to live on... Hopefully Mr. Nasrallah will follow soon...!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.15.10)
7. Doesn't make sense
If you wish to compile a "hit list" then you don't publicize it as that only warns the potential targets. Hizbollah could actually profit from consultation with our Mossad which possesses experience and expertise on these matters. Perhaps Nasrallah would like to arrange a consultation with Israeli officials in Israel, of course. You and your associates would be welcomed. Let's determine a time, place and date. Then we'll teach you about assassination.
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (09.15.10)
8. Sara B
I'll buy a parking Pass.
Brazen   (09.15.10)
9. deck of cards
Heabollah would do israel a big favor by getting rid of olmert and halutz. You want more-there are beilin, ben ami, risby and zaken, ramon. Seriously, take out nasrollah and his gang by savage means and do it fast.
iraj   (09.15.10)
10. "I'll see your Barak and raise you an Olmert"
If they want to avenge Imad's death, shouldn't the cards depict members of the Palestinian terror groups in Lebanon and Syrian Intelligence Agency?
William ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
11. #4 - tough when using human shields like Hamas
Like I replied to you on a previous article - move away from terrorists and our job will be a whole lot easier and quicker. Show us where Hamas is and tell civilians to get away, and you will quickly get your land back, your rights back, your economy back, and lose a blockade. It's win-win really. I guess what you're asking is - why doesn't the IDF play dirty like Arabs and just smoke the entire place, civilians and all? Syria did it in Homa, Jordan did it during Black September. Lebanon killed a lot during a raid on Al-Fatah in the North. Hamas did it when they snuffed out Fatah. Doesn't that go against your claim that the IDF targets women and children?
William ,   Israel   (09.15.10)
12. To: Brazen at No. 8
I'm right behind you! Northern Israel could really use a nice shopping mall with lots of parking spaces .....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.15.10)
13. Hizbullah's Deck Of Cards
Horse puckey!!! They're not going to have time. They'll be to busy killing each other in their civil war. With any luck Israel can save its ammo for the south.
Simcha ,   So.Cal.USA   (09.15.10)
14. Please I would like to order a set
of these cards !!
Eric Danis ,   Modiin   (09.15.10)
15. Dr. Honey pot #4
In case you are interested, Hizbullah got it's butt kicked in '06. Israel had it's hands tied by the international community and only used 2% of it's military. Next time your Islamo-Nazi criminal terrorist heros are going to get obliterated along with Syria and Iran (ie. radioactive parking lot). The gloves will come off and Israel will not care if they continue to use human shields. People of your ilk will continue to believe the ravings of these psychopaths because you are delusional and will parrot their so called "victory" to support your rather fragile egos. You must be easy to operate on as you have only two moving parts-a mouth and an anus which are both interchangeable
X'   (09.16.10)
16. To: No. 4
Would you have preferred had Israel acted like every other country in the world and simply carpet bombed the hell out of Southern Lebanon, with absolutely no regard for collateral damage and civilian casualties? Could not defeat a bunch of Shiite cowards in southern Lebanon, you say? Really? How many missiles have been fired into northern Israel since 2006? And every time one is launched, Hizbollah falls all over itself saying "It wasn't us! It wasn't us!" Make no mistake -- the day Israel decides that it has had enough of this tiresome tango, Lebanon will be no more. That goes for you, in Gaza, as well. Don't test our resolve; you will NOT like the outcome.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
17. Israel has a deck of cards with
the underground rat nasrallah as the joker.
Barney ,   USA   (09.16.10)
18. @#10: LOL!
(still laughing)
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (09.16.10)
19. Sarah B
Marry me! I love you! :) x
Dan ,   London   (09.16.10)
20. What a half-assed stunt
Cameron ,   USA   (09.16.10)
21. Sarah BS
Skipped your meds again?
Wissam ,   Palestine   (09.16.10)
22. Need deck with photos of Syrian agents
Mughniyeh's wife pointed the finger at Syrian agents before she fled back to Iran.
Ron ,   US   (09.16.10)
23. Sorry but a full house doesn't beat Israel's royal flush Naz
mea   (09.16.10)
24. To: No. 21
Palestine? Where's that?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
25. To: Dan at No. 19
Why, thank you kind sir! (*Blush*). Actually, I am already married to the man of my dreams .... but I'll take your phone number in case things change! (They won't.)
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.16.10)
26. #24 - I think its that province in Syria Herodotus cited
William ,   Israel   (09.16.10)
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