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Palestinians mark 'Nakba Day'    Elior Levy
1. Talk about peaceful protests
You know when you're throwing Molotov Cocktails at hospitals that treat anyone, including West Bank Arabs, that it is a classy peaceful protest. (Rolling my eyes).
Z ,   Israel   (05.15.11)
2. Molotov cocktails hurled at Hadassah Mt. Scopus
where the arabs injured in the riots will be taken and treated by a Jewish medical staff for free.
Devorah   (05.15.11)
3. first stage of peacemaking is an end to nakba day
It doesn't matter if we create 100 palestinian states as long as the nakba idea where your born a refugee with a right to return to the old home which once belonged to a now dead refugee. We will create a palestinian state on Sunday and on Monday they will be saying its time start the conflict for the right to return to our homes now inside the zionist entity. Unless Israel grants them right of return there is so much emotion on the palestinian side this is going become an issue which is going to continue boiling until the day it erupts into violence. No palestinian leader no matter how moderate can ever compromise on the issue without being seen as a traitor. If the palestinians don't agree in advance that if we create a palestinian state then they must drop the right of return demand then its pointless trying to even hold talks. Haniyeh's little claim about bringing an end to the zionist project in Palestine sounds to me like same old Hamas not one thats willing to take the idea od peace seriously and willing to accept 2 states.
zionist forever   (05.15.11)
4. "Nakba", in Arabic = Proclamation of Israel as a liberal...
...democratic nation-state of the Jewish people. Practically, it is a call to the troops to continue the fight to bring about Israel's demise, be it through full scale wars, economic boycotts, diplomatic pressure and of course, terror. Sadly, some abroad refuse to read reality for what it is, including the occupant of the White House.
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.15.11)
5. Democracy is NOT a suicide pact.....
and the fact that many of the Arab fifth column want to kill the Jews, are incited by Arab MK's in our Knesset, is proof positive of the madness in our discourse. NO normal leadership would even allow for such demonstrations, as these demonstrations are INCITING to our destruction! Freedom is one thing,but one cannot allow such freedom to cross into murderous incitement.One is NOT allowed to scream FIRE in a crowded theater and not be held to account for bloody results. Our deluded leaders believe that giving the Arabs the 'right' to incite against us shows their enlightened tendencies.Newsflash-all it shows is that they are irrational and are aiding in our destruction. To wit,NAKBA must be made illegal completely.ANY leader who encourages these 'demonstrations' must be detained.ALL those who participate must be warned of incarceration or deportation. Fellow Jews-we are in a fight for our lives, both within and without.Better to be tarred 'anti-democratic' than dead!Our internal enemies are laughing at us as we participate ! in our own demise. Let us have a referendum to this effect to see where the public stands.I suspect most of the pubic will agree with the above. Perhaps our crazy leaders will agree too once a MAJOR attack occurs in their playgrounds where they congregate!!
Adina Kutnicki, Isra   (05.15.11)
6. Yom HaZikaron vs. Nakba Day
Israelis respectfully hold memorial services across the country and honour those who were killed. We pray for peace and a discontinuation of violence. Palestinians set things on fire.
deebo_ ,   Holon   (05.15.11)
7. I'll show you a 'project' sweety...
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.15.11)
8. And we hope to bring an end to the Islamofascist project
And we hope to bring an end to the Islamofascist project in the Land of Israel. Arabs are welcome here only provided they renounce their ethnocidal aspirations.
Sha'ab Allah ,   Ard al-muqadis   (05.15.11)
9. they have the right
the palestinians have the right to protest because it simply there land
chahrazed ,   barbaria .algeria   (05.15.11)
10. @9 Chachrazed
Israel has the right to stop them because it is their land. You can take your Arab brothers in and let them protest in Algeria
Rick ,   Florida   (05.15.11)
11. show your colors
those who are not in recognition of our country should not be admitted to our hospitals and/or our universities.
sue ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.11)
12. End the Arab expansionism project of a world caliphate!!!
The world needs to end the Arab expansionism project of a one world caliphate!!! It might be an extremely bloody battle in Eurabia if they don't do it now!
EST ,   Miami USA   (05.15.11)
13. Imagine if the Brits did that on the 4th of July
Dave ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.11)
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