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Police conclude Kiryat Arba car crash a terror attack    Yair Altman
1. With that much physical evidence, why would you want an
autopsy??!! Crazy.
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.25.11)
2. DUH!
"a hole in the car's windshield that appears like it could have been an entry point of a stone. A large, blood-stained stone was found in the car" DUH! Need anymore proof, you idiots???!!!
Yoni ,   Shomron   (09.25.11)
3. This isn't "resistance", it's war crimes by Palestinians
Rock throwing by Palestinians against Israeli civilians goes on every day. When I say "every day" I mean 365 days/year. If there are no civilians around, then they'll throw them at the IDF. These are not pebbles, but large rocks that crack skulls and cause fatal car crashes. This is not the time Palestinians have murdered innocent Jewish civilians by throwing rocks through their windshields. The facts speak for themselves. The Palestinians do not want peace. They refused to negotiate when there was a construction freeze, so their call for a new freeze is a bluff. Abbas is a known liar, and his administration is illegal, since he clings to power by refusing to hold long overdue elections.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.25.11)
4. tiremarks on the street ? was the driver seat-belted ?
eporue ,   europe   (09.25.11)
5. it could have been - the key word - it could be a stone
so many stones of all shapes all over the place
ram ,   uk   (09.25.11)
6. Sorrow
Political/Social correctness is going to kill Israel. What price should one pay for a false peace? When will the leaders' of Israel wake-up and put a stop to all the evil that surrounds them? How many babies must die to oppease so much hatred? The leaders of Israel MUST stop caring about what the world thinks; take all the land that is rightly hers... the land given them by God! It is God's land; thus, it's leaders' have a required mandate to protect it. Conquer it! God has always been with you!!! God bless Israel and her people.
Christian Zionist ,   United States   (09.25.11)
7. Baruch Dayan Haemet
may these innocent, beautiful people be the last victims of cold blooded terror and hate. Hashem, your people have suffered enough!!T it's time to bring geula
VK ,   Jerusalem   (09.25.11)
8. trusting police
the citizens of israel must be able to trust and rely on the police otherwise there will be chaos and disorder
yoni ,   tel aviv   (09.25.11)
9. Lies, keep lying until it all turn against you
NadMan ,   Denmark   (09.25.11)
10. So very sad
Condolences, comfort and strength to the family and friends of Asher and sweet Yehonatan Palmer.
Devorah   (09.25.11)
11. Using the demand of an autopsy to torture the family
Typical police tactic. Rather than investigate they take every opportunity to take revenge.
Ilan   (09.25.11)
12. Acts of Terror
We, the citizens of Israel must stand up and demand that our police protect us. Political Correctness is an ugly word that only results in death. Enough is enough! If our officials don't want to protect us then they must be replaced Now!
Bruria   (09.25.11)
13. No autopsy needed
Just match the blood type on the rock to the driver. (pathologist from US)
Very EASY   (09.25.11)
14. anothe victim of "peace"
This is abbas 's answer along with the other signs of love and peace like burning the Israeli and american flag. When will all the beautiful people wake up and see the true colors of those who would want us in pieces.
frida ,   london   (09.25.11)
15. Sad!
It could be a stone that entered the vehicle when it flipped over or it COULD BE that the driver fell asleep. The scene of the crash indicates a roll over number of times.
Russ   (09.25.11)
16. Accident or Murder
How is it possible that the IDF trated this incident as an accident, when the police thin otherwise? Is it possible that they wanted to rule out foul-play, so that violence with Palestinians would be avoided? This is totally unacceptable.
Orly ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.25.11)
17. #16... the IDF evaluated the scene of the accident, the poli
ce has to look further... someone can have put him sleeping pills into a drink, or he was drugged... just guessing, that this is not done without "autopsy"...
eporue ,   europe   (09.25.11)
18. Cover up
Nice to know that the Israeli police will cover up a terrorist attack in order to protect the terrorists instead of the citizens of Israel. God forbid the authorities acknowledge that the Oslo process is a farce. Perhaps the terrorists are supplying the police with free coffee and donuts, or coffee and hummus.
Benjamin ,   Greenville, USA   (09.25.11)
19. Terrorist Physics
It's pretty simple, really. If someone is travelling in a car at, say, 60 mph and lightly tosses a rock or a brick out the window into the path of an oncoming car also travelling at 60 mph, then if the rock hits the oncoming car, it will hit at the equivalent of 120 mph. Imagine the damage and death that a brick or a rock will do if it hits you in the head at 120 mph. Palestinian terrorists have done this many, many times over the years against Israeli cars (easily identified by their Israeli license plates), maiming and killing many Jews. And getting away with this kind of murder is simplicity itself. Palis have done it so many times. Does anyone still believe in peace with Palestinians?
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.25.11)
20. I am tired of our police not doing their jobs
They arrest Jewish residents for the crime of being attacked by Arabs. They lie to the corrupt courts. If caught committing a crime against those Jewish residents the courts slap them on their wrists and the cycle repeats itself. Start arresting the police. They are one of worst enemies.
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.25.11)
21. Murder
Settlements are not the obstacle to peace... murder is.
Tara ,   Kiryat Arba   (09.25.11)
22. Nothing on NPR as usual,but if there is graffiti on an arab
wall its a "graffiti war crime "
rachel ,   usa   (09.25.11)
23. #6 "sorrow...
can not be said any better! israel's political/social correctness is translated by her enemies as a fatal weakness, and as rabbid dogs smelling blood, they are nipping at her from all directions. giving these murderers a "state" will result not in stone throwings, but attacks with modern weapons supplied by the iranian monkey! TIME IS FAST RUNNING OUT FOR ACTION!
les ,   canada   (09.25.11)
24. #5 ram/uk
As far as I know, stones don't have wings, they don't fly therough the air all by themselves
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.25.11)
25. And Netanyahu extends the hand of Peace?
The Palestinians don't want Peace. They want the whole area for themselves and of course, JEW FREE!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.25.11)
26. Politicized police force. The Left's legacy.
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.25.11)
27. Let the police finish the job !!! ,...
split ,   US   (09.25.11)
28. Let the 'settlers' take their revenge.
The 'Palestinian Spring' shows what an independent Palestine will be like: murderers on the loose, attacking Jews at will. Let the idiots declare a state: when it attacks Israel, Israel will finally be allowed to retaliate with the force needed to eradicate the terrorists. If that means much of the 'west bank' becomes a vaporized military zone, then that's what the 'Spring' has delivered. Shame on the IDF for covering up the murder of Israelis.
David ,   Hartford USA   (09.25.11)
29. So much for the...
..."Peaceful resistence of the Palestinians" Abbas is talking about.!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (09.25.11)
30. Who is to compensate Mrs Palmer
We heard about the sad death of 10 year old arab girl from rubber bullet. and $400000 compensation. Who will compensate the Palmers family for the loss of breadwinner and the future?
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (09.25.11)
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