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Iran postpones monkey's ride into space    AFP
1. Ahmadihejad must be unhappy to wait for his ride. End
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (10.04.11)
2. What happened?
Did Ahmedinejad back out?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.04.11)
3. Monkey in space? How funny is that
Their president looks more like a monkey than a monkey - I reckon someone is having a laugh.
4. No monkey in space?
Let Ahmadinejad go!
Ariel ,   US   (10.04.11)
5. Send Ahmadihejad instead
Cruelty to monkeys, would be better to send Ahmadihejad the ape man of Tehran instead. Now where did i put my rocket missiles ?
Haim ,   TA   (10.04.11)
6. 5-Sarah, it's simple. They ran out of money.
It's expensive to maintain a unlimited supply of 72 virgins.
Allan ,   Delray Beach   (10.04.11)
7. NO, PLEASE send Achemedinejad to space!!!!!!!!!!!
MKY ,   USA   (10.04.11)
8. A setback worthy of Iran
You do, without a doubt, have the best titles for postings, YNET.
Cameron ,   USA   (10.04.11)
9. #5. That monkey that you see
Isnt JUST a monkey Its a newly discovered long lost creature from the jurrasic period -human body with a monkey face and monkey brain I think they call the creature an 'Ahmonkeydimanajadsuarus' which was said to be roaming in the Erdogan forest in Turkey
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.04.11)
10. Oye Veh the little bearded monkey
Has cold feet? Once Again the arab is full of Hudda !
11. To send Ahmadimonkey to space?
No way, he does not trust any human beings in Iran.
Nora Tel Aviv   (10.04.11)
12. Ahmadinejad into space
Mazal Tov to the Iranian Space Agency , I hear they will be sending a monkey pretty soon to orbit. Is it by any chance this monkey to be Ahmadinejad.With no air hostess on board , I hope they will put next to him a box of bananas he will enjoy while going around. I hope equally his space vessel be lost forever towards the planet Mars.
Pierre Desproges ,   Brussels , Belgium   (10.04.11)
13.  Ahmadihejad lost his seat to a chimp
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (10.04.11)
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