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Report: Sarkozy calls Netanyahu 'liar'     Ynet
1. Well..
At least they weren't lying. He IS a pain in the neck even for Israelis
Talal Al-Khaldi ,   Amman, Jordan   (11.08.11)
2. So Now Bibi Is In A Popularity Contest Uh
The Difference between little nick and b.H.o. and Bibi is : Benjamin would tell little nick and obomba He Can't Stand Them To Their Faces , However there is Tact and Tactless and both the frenchy and the yank are TACTLESS. Who Cares They Don't Like Him TRY WALKING IN BIBI's SHOES FOR A WHILE. BTW little nick (lying) it Takes One To Know One. Salavie frenchy
3. Oh man...two slimebags show their true
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.08.11)
4. I like Bibi a lot and I despise Sarkozy and
Nobumma...oh well...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.08.11)
5. the blessing and curse of open microphones
everyone finds out what you realy think....
Galut ia ,   Selah   (11.08.11)
6. @Mr. al Khaldi
Mr al-Khaldi, can you recommend a synagogue to pray in the next time I'm in Jordan?
Mark ,   USA   (11.08.11)
7. Busted! Real attitudes exposed.
Sarkozy has proven a real disappointment - and not just to the people in France. And here we see Obama's real attitude toward Israel's leader - without the spin and away from the teleprompter. Let's see his liberal Jewish defenders try to explain this one away.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.08.11)
Perhaps Mr .Netanyahu is a liar .But you should hear what we think about you ,and it is not flattering.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.08.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (11.08.11)
10. Yo, Talal ! I'll take Bibi anyday
over a phony king put in place by the British. Why not expel some more Arab 'brothers', like you did in the past ! Or perhaps you would prefer an Assad !
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (11.08.11)
11. Americans Can't Stand Jew-Haters
And many Americans don't know which country Obama hates the most, America or Israel. I think Obama hates both America and Israel equally.
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (11.08.11)
12. And Visa Versa
And visa versa: we all know obama has never been the greatest friend of Israel. We have seen the picture of Obama kissing the hand of saudi king abdullah, showing his true nature. Sarkozy, pretend to be, is balansing like mr goldstone..So who is the biggest liar?
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.08.11)
13. LOL
that is funny.
Golan ,   Modiin   (11.08.11)
14. Talal from Jordan.
Bibi is strong,but with Arabs, Israel needs much stronger PM who can deal with you.
LION OF JUDAH   (11.08.11)
15. Sarkozy
One day he was all over Ghadaffi kissing his A$$, next day the same Sarkozy put his knife on Ghadaffi. Sarkozy=Prostitiute.
LION OF JUDAH   (11.08.11)
16. The Europoean,& The world
dont mind to sell the Jews & the State of Israel to the Arabs for nothing. Well, Europe & the rest of the World, you will not be able to sell Israel or the Jews.
LION OF JUDAH   (11.08.11)
17. hmmm
not sure about this. as far as I am aware, Sarko doesn't speak English and I very much doubt Obama speaks any French.
DanLondon ,   London   (11.08.11)
18. Sarkozy calls Netanyahu "liar"
I wonder how Obama and Sarkozy would be if their country was under constant rocket attacks and threats? Yes,I think they would be in out there every day trying to get help and trying to get other countries to see the truth of the situation too!! Obama and Sarkozy are idiots and I'm sadden that by their remarks. I am ashamed that Obama is the president of my country. I pray Netanyahu stays strong and the favor of G-d be with him! Israel, America is with you even if our president isn't ! Love and prayers to you!
snowman ,   Detroit, USA   (11.08.11)
19. Bibi stronger than the two put together
Weakness shines through.
Joe ,   Ga, USA   (11.08.11)
20. Obama's remarks about Bibi
I support Israel. I am ashamed of my president
DougyDee ,   Caseville Michigan   (11.08.11)
21. Bibi
Thank God Obama is a one termer. Can't wait to see the Anti-Semite go.
Disillusioned Dem ,   Miami   (11.08.11)
22. Precise rules of conduct
How is it that the journalists have to follow precise rules of conduct but the leaders of these two countries don't? That just infuriates me but I guess it should be expected nowadays....
Sandra ,   Mt. Pleasant, USA   (11.08.11)
23. Yes,,,they Both are liars,,
The majority of us Americans cant stand either of these two,,,cant wait to see both fall,I wish Bibi was our President. He has some testicals the size of both of them two put together.
jb ,   grove ok.   (11.08.11)
24. Who's the liar?
Interesting that Mr. Sarkozi, who ignited a scandal by posting a forged picture of himself at the Berlin Wall on his Facebook page, has the audacity to call someone else a liar.
gavin ,   houston, usa   (11.08.11)
25. Can't wait for 2012!
Well Mr. Obama you won't have to "deal" with Bibi much longer. The 2012 election is coming and none too soon!
Matt ,   USA   (11.08.11)
26. Obama's true self
This just show what rational thinking americans already know about the facist president we are currently cursed with. He is the liar, he has crippled our country with ridiculous spending, crammed legislation down our throats that was largely unwanted, while he and his socialist friends blame banks, President Bush, and everyone else but himself. He is the great deceiver. Isreal, true Americans back you 100%
Trevino ,   Little Rock, AR   (11.08.11)
27. They're consummate prostit...politicians.
The yank doesn't represent a very large percentage of Americans. He's also on his way out in 2012, along with his left wing cronies, God willing.
28. Who's Fed Up?
And we have to deal with Obama. I'd love to trade him for Mr. Netanyahu, but I have far too much respect for the Israeli people.
John Leventis ,   Dayton USA   (11.08.11)
29. Obullshit
F%*# the schvartze and the the frog. They couldn't hold a candle to a real man....that of course would be Bibi. They are cowards and peddlers of insignificance. God Bless Netanyahu.
mikel alatza ,   USA   (11.08.11)
30. "journalists are subject to precise rules of conduct"
Hence Sarkozy's support for the paragons of truthfulness like Abbas/Abu Mazen, Gaddafi, [insert Arab, err north African despot name here], etc.
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls   (11.08.11)
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