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Israeli gifts for delightful holidays    Rachel Cadars
1. chanukah
To be honest, chanukah is not a big Jewish holiday festival and has nothing to do with gifts. It has become popular in US and other western countries because of its proximity with Christmas.
Gilon   (12.15.11)
2. Gifts
I do not think that gifts from Israel will sell too well this year during the Christmas Season. Slowly, but surely, the BDS movement is gaining in solidarity and universality. I concede that Israel may do reasonably OK this year, but the revenues will go down steeply, come succeeding Christmas Seasons.
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (12.15.11)
3. #1, so long as people learn the stories and have fun, who
really cares? Christmas barely has anything to do with Jesus anymore other than the name. My interfaith family will be celebrating both, but only the khanukkiot will be getting prayers.
Henry from New York ,   USA   (12.15.11)
4. #2
I live in Maryland as well, and I see zero evidence that BDS is succeeding. Quite the contrary-sales of Israeli products in the United States are constantly rising.
Steve ,   Maryland   (12.16.11)
5. # 3
Henry dear, there is no k at the beginning of Hanuka, or Chanuka, nor Hasidim. Happy Hanuka, the festival of lights, to you & your family.
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.16.11)
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