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Caracas mayor: Venezuela will restore Israel ties if Chavez falls    Itamar Eichner
1. Israel & Venezuela
I am a Venezuelan Jew and now proudly an Israeli leaving in Jerusalem for the last 10 years. I decided to come to Israel from all other places because this is our place to live; yes, i did live in Venezuela and history has made Jews live all over the world, but after seeing the antisemitism there this is truly our only place. Venezuela as antisemitism as every other place, had some when I was there, very small and almost non existent, however, it increased as if we were talking about Iran or any other Arab country. When I left was because of the reasons the Caracas's mayor mentioned, i am happy to know that I was not there when Chavez started the hate education against Jews and Israel; I do have family and friends who still live there and I hope they will get out ASAP. Venezuela will eventually change and be even much better than the Venezuela I grew up, but this will take time, a lot of time, Chavez has been in power for the last 13 years and this new generations of Venezuelans have been brain washed by him, Venezuela needs a new generation like the Arab countries that will grow up without hates to any one, not by political affiliation, religion or even economic status, that they will eventually come, hope sooner than later, but today I don't forget were I grew up and the good memories I have, I did have a very good education in the Jewish school of Caracas, still one of the best on the country, and i do love Israel, i have learn to live here, to understand the Israeli society and the most important, to be one of them, my people, and doesn't matter the reason, I am an Israeli and I am here to stay.
Venisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.13.12)
2. A brave man speaking out against Chavista thugs
Chavez legacy is on track for economic disaster in a wealthy country Populist wodoo economics and corruption that will take years to repair Meanwhile they stoop to racism to retain power
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.13.12)
3. Ledezma doesnt respresent Venezuela
the Venezuelanos dont respect israel. they have seen their crimes in Gaza and Lebanon
Pedro ,   Spain   (05.13.12)
4. No 3
But they do respect Iran and Syria and respected Qaddafi, those are and were Chavez friends, they do not committed and still do war crimes against their own people, if you do live in Spain as you said, i suggest you pack your bags and go to Venezuela, lets see how long you will be there without being robbed or who else what and will talk abut it later, and for you to know, Chavez is against Spain and all countries who do not represent autocracy.
Venisrael ,   Jerusalem, israel   (05.13.12)
me   (05.13.12)
6. The "Venezuelans" do respect Israelis
The ignorant putting words in other people's mouth and can't event call them right. Idiot
Leo ,   Venezuela-Israel   (05.13.12)
7. #3
Why don't you concentrate on your own county, which most likely be a next Greece, instead of voicing your ignorant opinions on issues you clearly know nothing about.
Oleg ,   Moscow, Russia   (05.13.12)
8. #3 pedro Do You Admit The Crimes spain
Committed to the Sephartic Jews Who your country Expelled. Throwing out citizens of spain who Real contributions to spaniard society? You Stole Everything That Belonged to those people and yet They Rose Above your hatred Based On catholic Lies. You should be Proud of relatives, soon your economic situation will See you living in the streets and eatting Dog Food! How fitting for you Jerks!
9. #3
Unfortunately Pedro, you represent Spain, which is the most anti-semitic nation in Europe. After your country's expulsion of Jews in 1492, the Inquisition, and its rape and plunder of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, you and your country are in no position to lecture anyone about war crimes. Your country decimated indigenous populations by the millions, and built its wealth on stealing the natural resources of others.
M.J. Eizen ,   Petah Tikvah, Israel   (05.13.12)
10. Caracas Mayor is a Very BRAVE Man!
Thank you, Mayor Ledezma for your courage and ethics for speaking out for Israel! I was in line waiting for breakfast in a cafeteria, several weeks ago, and on hearing the lady's accent in front of me, I asked her where she was from. Venezuela! she told me. I was then quite stunned that she exclaimed to me, a total stranger, "Have you heard about our President, Chavez?" She then told me that Venezuelans were DESPERATE for him to be gone! Venezuelans are a good and strong people. They don't deserve to have their economy severely damaged! They don't deserve to have Iran taking some significant control over their country! The Koran commands Muslims to conquer ALL nations and subjugate hated non-Muslims under barbaric Islamic sharia law where non-Muslims have NO human rights. IRAN, OUT OF VENEZUELA NOW!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (05.13.12)
11. Venezuela A Friend of Israel
I am reminded of the Bible verse that essentially tells us, I [God] will bless them [anyone] that bless you [Jews], and curse them [anyone] who curses you [Jews]. We can hardly wait for the demise of Chavez, for blessings will fall upon Venezuela once again.
ltrail ,   United States   (05.13.12)
12. I dont thik so...only crazy wish!!
Venezuela people had free press for some time, so they know the truth about Israels ongoing occupation and terrorism. I dont thing, they would support this change. peter czech
peter vojta ,   prague   (05.13.12)
13. #3&#8
Its a good thing to understand whats goin on in Chavezuela. Its aldo good not to put all spanish people in one basket. There are idiots everywhere. We LIKE ISRAEL!
Jose ,   Portugal   (05.13.12)
Hugo Chavez has destroyed a great nation. In spite of being oil rich it has so many poor people as it is badly managed. Crime is rampant. Lets hope Chavez is out of power soon.
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (05.13.12)
15. To: No. 3
Pedro, your country's economy is circling the bowl. Don't you have better things to worry about? And why have you forgotten the Moslem terrorist bombings of the trains in Madrid in 2004? One hundred and ninety-one Spaniards were killed. So much for your devotion to Moslem and Arab terror. You have no credibility. Are you sure you're a Spaniard, Pepe? Me, I'm not that sure.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.12)
16. #12
Free press under Chavez? That's a laugh. The terrorists in Israel are criminal groups of the so-called palestinians.
ltrail ,   United States   (05.13.12)
17. #1 Israeli Now
May God bless you in your new life in Israel. You are right that Venezuela will take time to shed itself of anti-Jew brainwashing by Chevez.
ltrail ,   United States   (05.13.12)
18. The good part is that Venezuela is just shot hop away
from Aruba.
leo ,   usa   (05.13.12)
19. Peter (12) you will be surprised how
much better the Venezuelans know about Israel's history than you. Whilst they will surely get rid of their monstrous anti-Semitic and destructive leader, the sweat-face buffoon Chavez, you Peter will get bitter by the day with so much hatred and ignorance.
FI   (05.13.12)
20. In order to truly understand the real
tragedy in Venezuela brought by its hate-filled red shirted idiot Chavez, one should look in parallel to countries like Columbia where they are making real efforts to eradicate cancerous Farc and to build a real democratic society. But one single man in Venezuela has managed to completely destroy a country once so rich and so proud of its liberties. Now, Chavez gave it to the pigs - an animal he uses so often to mock very good people
IF   (05.13.12)
21. To #3
Spain has caused so much pain to the Jewish people. Your turn is coming. Watch Israel become an economic super power and Spain a third world country.
Maurice ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.13.12)
22. To #3 from one exiled Venezuelan to another...
I know you are no Spaniard. And we all know well that Ledezma is no more than another filthy polititian really. Yes maybe he is showing friendship to Israel now. But really we (the Jewish people) only trust in G_d. Your critiques against Israel are absurd as almost the same amount of people died in Venezuela during the cast lead operation than those people who died in Gaza even if you count dead from Israel and Gaza. And Venezuela is not at war. Israel is about the size of Miranda estate and Chavez worries so much about it and instills so much hatred in the Venezuelan population. The reality is that yes while there are Venezuelans like you Pedro that said back the Revolucion and the corruption in Venezuela but go live of their stolen and ill gotten wealth in Spain and USA eventhough sounds sarcastic and that do hate and disrespect Israel, there are also others like Ledezma that show some sense of fake friendship. And of course there are lots of Venezuelans also that love Israel. Just like in every inch of dirt under the sun, Israel included. There is Peace Now, Olmert, and David Ha'Ivri as examples of these three types of entities/ people in Israel. Or another example Chavez, Ledezma and Ilan Chester. Or Jimmy Carter, Barak Obama and Ted Deutch in the USA.
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (05.13.12)
23. Not "if" he falls: WHEN that racist primitive falls
24. Please save your nonsense
Venezuela is finished. When Chavez dies the army will take over and name itself "The Committee for Public Safety and Happiness". Opposition in Venezuela will be limited to angry blogging until Iranian Republican Guard trained secret police crush that as well.
Steve from Raleigh   (05.13.12)
25. lies
Funny how the author immediately assumes that calling someone a "pig" is somehow a "racial" slander against Jews. Doesn't really demonstrate much self-confidence in his own race does it? For anyone stupid enough to not know already, Chavez is a commie and he's calling his capitalist enemies (represented lately by Capriles) pigs, based on the notion that pigs and capitalists are greedy. Would I have to explain this to a news agency that didn't have a typo in its subtitle? Probably not.
Joe Blow ,   Valencia, Venezuela   (05.14.12)
26. Venezuelans
I've met many Venezuelans here in NY, most very well educated, very nice folks who reluctantly left their country where they felt educated and middle class is being pushed around by a crazy Chavez. Let's hope the crazy man won't be the next president of Venezuela.
Alex ,   NYC   (05.14.12)
27. Joe Blow @ 25, either you do not understand something or I.
From your own words: First this - "Funny how the author immediately assumes that calling someone a "pig" is somehow a "racial" slander against Jews" Then this - "Chavez is a commie and he's calling his capitalist enemies (represented lately by Capriles) pigs, based on the notion that pigs and capitalists are greedy" Considering the fact the one of the main premises of anti-semitism is to accuse Jews of being greediest people ever lived what was your point?
leo ,   usa   (05.14.12)
28. @27 @25
Not only that Leo, remember that eventhough Capriles see himself as Catholic his mother was a Shoa Survivor. So he is indeed Jewish and he is indeed being called a greedy pig
Yosef ,   Boca raton   (05.14.12)
29. Chavez will be elected and reelected
by the majority of Venezualens,(his cancer is a fake)as long he and his gang control the wealth of the country,and like all antisemitic demagogues,attacks Jews-Israel,and champions the case of the homeless,the shirtless,but in reality is destroying the economy,he will rig the votes if necessary,(who will stop him?. )the only people that can do somthing, are the Americans,by not buying his crude dirty oil that needs to be specially refined in the US, that oil should be replaced with Canadian oil,but will obama do it ?.unlikely.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.16.12)
30. Venezuela and Israel have always been friends
Chavez poisoned the minds of many Venezuelans, but like many cults, they will wake and up and realize they were in the same bed as terrorist like Hizbollah and Hamas.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.06.13)
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