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MK Ben-Eliezer: Mubarak's blood was let    Moran Azulay
1. Mubarak
This bleating about Mubarak was to be expected from a Zionist leader or spokesman. Actually, Mubarak got off very lightly. By not repudiating the Sadat sellout to the Zionists of the late 1970s after he succeeded Sadat, Mubarak made himself guilty of treason against his country.
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.02.12)
2. Egypt is entering a deadly period.
And soon the people of Egypt will be going into hell with their new islamic leaders, who will have no problem to turn the country into a living hell, ruled by the deadly sharia-laws. Mubarak gave his life for Egypt, thats why the muslim brotherhood wants him dead...
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.02.12)
3. I fully agree with everything Fuad says.Egypt future hopeles
Alan ,   SA   (06.02.12)
4. Mubarak
How can you say Mubarak was a great leader? He was a ruthless dictator, brutal and self-serving. I realize this news source bases every situation on how it affects Israel, but this article is absolutely uncaring of the Egyptian people. The majority of the population are uneducated and poor. Did he do anything to change their plight or just keep them under control?
Nadya ,   California, U.S.   (06.02.12)
5. too bad about Mubarak
he will be viewed as a man who kept the peace and stability of Egypt. His presidency will later be seen showing as a man of peace. Compared to Syria, Iran, the arab spring nations, the next president of Egypt will be lucky if the Egyptian people don't starve.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (06.02.12)
6. What a load of c**p, Ben-Eliezer!
It's been long since I read something as ridiculous as this. Ben-Eliezer is forgetting the little, insignificant detail of the 80 million Egyptian citizens. A true patriot work FOR his people, not against it.
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (06.02.12)
7. We have to prepare ourselves for the most
unpleasant developments in Egypt. Just in case....
Alexandra   (06.02.12)
8. To 4 - you contradict yourelf
As you said "the majority of the population are uneducated and poor". They are poor because of the Islamists, and because they prefer sacrificing their lives to hate Israel and make 10 children instead of improving their own lives, and that has a price. Mubarak was at least secular and tried to improve the economy as much as possible in a country with such an uneducated people. In his time there was security and the tourism was in its best. When the Muslim brotherhood will take the leadership, the people will starve to death like in other countries in Africa and will be oppressed like in Iran (whose people is much more educated), and they will miss the "dictatorship" of Mubarak.
David   (06.02.12)
9. #1
in case the real patriot Anwar el Sadat would not have been killed Egypt would have become a democrazy and not a new Iran as it will do soon.
@1   (06.02.12)
10. Mubarak served the Jewish state better than the Jews
But neglected 80 Million Egyptians as many Arab dictators had done to their people
sami   (06.02.12)
11. Behold you cynics.
The arab spring is becoming the arab hell. One step at a time. You arab/egyptian posters, do not know what will happen to you when sharia takes over.
12. egyptian food subsidies
are a significant cause of the egyptian population rise from below 30 million, when such subsidies were introduced by nasser. (note population in gaza after similar policies by unhcr). the cost of such subsidy, importing grains and cooking oils, was just about afforded by the mubarak regime, with some left over. egyptian foreign reserves are running out now. i wonder why (rhetorical) no-one told them that their subsidised wheat and cooking oils were paid in no small part by israeli trade. it's not the iranians who might help now, but the saudis. there will of course be a cost. i wonder if those who thought by ousting mubarak they would herald in an era of egyptian democracy and sovereignty are any the wiser now?
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (06.02.12)
13. Mubarak aera
doesn't "mubarak" mean "blessed"? difficult to say if Hosni Mubarak was a good dictator, however, the future for Egypt looks extremely dreadful now. what a joke to see democracies pop up in libanon, iraq, tunisia, libya, egypt, gaza.
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (06.03.12)
14. explain yourself
I don't understand your point. Can you please explain?
jay abouaf ,   Yafo Israel   (06.03.12)
15. Mubarak's fall
Mubarak saw clearly the whole political conjuncture of the Middle East. The Egyptians will regret his leadership when they will wake up witth Sharia laws and more poverty. For his fall,we hope Obbuma will not be re-elected and we have to do all we can to avoid his re-election
Miro ,   Israel   (06.03.12)
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