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Hungary: Nationalist politician challenges rabbi to debate    Ynetnews
1. Debating with antisemites ?
To debate with a clever dog is much more rational. Jobbik animals some days ago has repeated again that, the Rockefeller family is jewish and the Bildenberg group, which was founded by an ex nazi dutch prince is the leading force of a world wide jewish conspiracy to rule the whole world.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (07.04.12)
2. Yes good way to start a serious dialogue, have a debate
tf ,   herzliya il   (07.04.12)
3. Let's see if he can defend his party
Sometimes allegations of anti-Semitism are baseless. Other times they are not. A debate might bring out those aspects of the party's policies that are indeed anti-Semitic and in need of reform. If the party is willing to reform those policies that are anti-Semitic, then some genuine good could come of this.
TINSC ,   Anchorage, AK USA   (07.04.12)
4. His own words betray his bias
"to start a dialogue between the Hungarian public and Jewish organizations" To me that sounds as if he thinks of Jews as a different entity from the Hungarian public. "discriminates between Hungary’s inhabitants on the grounds of ethnicity and religion" Inhabitants? Not citizens, not Hungarians, but inhabitants! Meaning again that Jews are "guests" and not Hungarians? Maybe he is blind to his own bias.
Ze'ev ,   USA   (07.04.12)
5. they are not anti-semitic after they helpd kill all the Jews
how many Jews are left in Hungary? they are not anti-semitic anymore since there are no more Jews in Hungary
k ,   US   (07.04.12)
6. No Jews? No problem?
Since anti-Semitism is totally irrational, it actually doesn't require real Jews to hate. In fact, it's easier to hate a disembodied concept than a real person. It's when reality collides with ideology that the trouble starts.
Robert Rabinoff ,   Fairfield, IA USA   (07.05.12)
7. To Jobbik voters, Vona n Morvai betrayed the naive masses
Just too easy to mislead semi-educated desperate Hungarians. The people want a family, they flock to the daily branch meetings in heimish Jobbik branches. It takes some taste, culture, intellectual preparedness to see through the primitive empowerment lies of Vona, Balczo, Morvay,
istvan ii   (07.05.12)
8. # 6 Robert.with primitive people,
an enemy doesn't have to exist, in order to be real.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (07.07.12)
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