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'You're dead' daubed near Peace Now activist's flat     Noam 'Dabul' Dvir
1. Misleading title
It's not "Peace" activist, it's "peace now" activist. It's much far away then, say, "Socialist" and "national-socialist". Former are misled, somewhat naive idealists, while later hates the Jews only.
2Mad ,   צרפת   (07.16.12)
2. cue the "they did this themselves" whines.
jj   (07.16.12)
3. Many Israelis are seeing "peace now" as pro-Arab
The settlement watch is aimed against Jews and Israel, not for real or meaningful peace. These "peace now" people are favoring the arabs against their own israeli neighbors.
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (07.16.12)
4. 3 So you're saying it's ok?
Charles   (07.16.12)
5. To # 4.
Instead of No. 3, it's me answering your questions. Not only is right, morally and in every other sense, realizing this important goal would be the real feat, a mitzva.
FG   (07.16.12)
6. to #5 hate speech should be deleted!
Mary   (07.17.12)
7. # 6 and # 4
what hate speech? All speech is free and worth what you paid for it. Unless you live in an arab nation where massacres follow any attempt at free speech or freedom. Peace now like the UN are becoming a weight to themselves being buried knee deep in BS, like you two.
Bad Ased Jew ,   United States   (07.17.12)
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