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Al-Qaeda looking for 'new blood'    Sagi Cohen
1. Al Quida, a result of...
...a deadly religion. Islam is the main part of 98 prosent of the wars in the world.
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.15.12)
2. You are joking
I didn't know you had a version of April Fools Day in Israel. This is a truly montypythonesque article.
Mark ,   London UK   (08.15.12)
3. short term careers
short term careers, and hopefully 100% on the job training accidents !
sjk ,   Israel/usa   (08.15.12)
4. Dear Candidate, thank you for your application
We have decided that your experience is not recent enough, however we will keep your application on file. Thank you and good luck in your career search.
Al Qaeda HR Lady ,   Worldwide   (08.15.12)
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