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Blogger: Israeli attack in Iran will include missiles, assassinations    Ynet
1. US blogger Richard Silverstein?? Really?
Do you really expect any here to buy into this silliness ? Silverstein? lolololololol Its getting surreal
GZLives   (08.15.12)
2. I have no shelter and a gaz mask
I live in the occupied west bank , I and my family have no shelters and no gaz masks. woes woes and woes
yousef ,   Palestine , Hebron   (08.15.12)
3. Well, if Richard Silverstein said so....
It must be false.
Jake   (08.15.12)
4.  Silverstein knows nothing!
But just the same, Silverstein, shut your face.
Reuvenj   (08.15.12)
Based on the above article as that is the only way it could happen.Atleast the younger generation would enjoy the practically,it is only in the dream-world one would expect such a scenerio
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.15.12)
6. Israel secret plan is, GOD.
Iran secret plan is, Allah.......and a couple of child suicide bombers. And a lot of crying to the UN.
Iranian Hunter   (08.15.12)
7. Irresponsible Media
You would do Israel well if you just kept quiet about an Iran strike.
Paul Wayburne ,   Johannesburg   (08.15.12)
8. who Wiki Leaked this one US or Anat
jericho ,   ca   (08.15.12)
9. OLD as 2002 nothing NEW its dated 2002!
world   (08.15.12)
10. Wow...great plan!!
The sooner the better.
Abe ,   USA   (08.15.12)
11. Why publish a blogger
This is the type of story that I would expect out of Haaretz not out of ynet. Israel does not have hundreds of cruise missiles or anywhere near the type of capability described, I doubt the Americans do either.
Ron ,   LA US   (08.15.12)
12. wtf...this is an approved leak otherwise its treason
R ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.12)
13. sure
who believes that such a high security document could leak..... the importance of such a document is, for bibi, the immediate connection to the survival of israel. Only a limited number of high ranked officers would know about it and hence it would be rather easy to find the person who leaked it .... if no heads roll in the next few days we have proof for a ridiculous article. this article is a joke and reads like star trek. obviously terrific if possible but if the idf is 100 years ahead to the rest of the world, why cant they deal with gaza terrorist who terrorised us for years now and use home made weaponry? i find that very hard to believe ... but some politicians need to find an excuse for tax raises and defer from the fact that rabi's salaries went up a big deal (so much for living in modesty, but surely a rabi needs a mercedes) ... I think siverstein should try harder ....
Paul ,   Israel / UK   (08.15.12)
14. Thanks Obama and CIA!
15. leakers should be punished
This leak is serious,d eadly serious. I personally am in favour of an attack regardless of dagan as iran is pressing forward. This leak is antidemocratic and the leaker should spend the next 20 years in jail.
mohson   (08.15.12)
16. kameini to leave iran
senior iranian illegal leaders like kameini are planning to leave iran and go to moscow or saudi arabia to avoid potential idf attack. they know they will be executed as deserving as they are.the rest of the regime should try to save itself by eliminating the leadership now and advising israel that they want no war with it. israel has taken lots of provocation and if it comes to war,t he gloves come off. Forget about goldstone and ban ki moon or the rag from the human rights council.
gandjian   (08.15.12)
17. Rant!!
Why do you promote this guy, an unemployed, bitter nobody??? He has no credibility, no sources, lives somewhere in rural Seattle and has nothing going on for him, than issue crazy anti-Israel rants. Don't you have better things to do than read and publicize his garbage?? Any corroboration?? I guess NADA!!
Dr. Jack ,   Canada   (08.15.12)
david ,   montreal,canada   (08.15.12)
19. who the F** is this nutbar? as if he knows and as for the
sources they it would appear lost the argument. what gives them extra special rights to go around elected politicians? they have no such rights. that is fascism it shows a complete disregard for democracy the same for silverstein. no body elected him. he speaks only because he is a narsistic deluded nut bar. i guess he feels slighted. only made silver not gold. a goldstein he is not. tarnished silver yes.
ralph   (08.15.12)
20. Re #2
Well, just hope that your Muslim brothers won't attack civilian areas in Israel (and the West-Bank) and won't use chemical or biological weapons. Technically, if they follow international law and attack only military sites, you won't need a gas mask.
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (08.15.12)
21. Occupied West Bank
Stop occupying West Bank and go to Jordan
Jeff ,   Atlanta GA   (08.15.12)
now what if US strikes first!!!!!!! media just wants a juicy story surrounded with drama, their way to put more of their trashy papers out there
MOTI ,   USA   (08.15.12)
23. Our Friends
Don't worry, those of us here who are rational and think logically (yes, we do exist!) tend to ignore people like Silverstein. Additionally, regardless of what our media or your media states, or what the current (terrible) administration says, we will ALWAYS support Israel and pray for your safety and security!
Luke ,   United States   (08.15.12)
24. Join date does not = posting date
Guy ,   KC, USA   (08.15.12)
25. Israeli attack on Iran. (Blogger)
And who will pick the pieces up afterwards. At whatever level of conflict, massive damage will radiate throughout the middle East and thence to the World economies.
Seraph ,   Warrington, U.K.   (08.15.12)
26. If Ayatollahs are smart they will sit up and take notice of
Silversteins plan. He has a great plan
27. Silverstein is joke, but I do hope this is true.
Any plan to attack Iran, MUST include an attack on the regime itself. I don't think anyone with real military knowledge would believe that Israel is planning to fly 100 fighter jets 900 miles to Tehran, and merely drop a few bombs on a nuclear installation. Any attack will be directed at the Iranian regime as well. There should also be a simultaneous plot to foment an uprising as the Mullah's squeal from their ratholes.
Jake ,   USA   (08.15.12)
28. #13, Gaza & Iran are two totally different animals
If Israel were to paralyze Gaza (which could be done with ease) it would be Israel's own problem to deal with. Iran on the other hand will be stuck with a huge mess to clean up if Israel attacks and paralyzes the country. Remember, Israel has a stellar record in wars fought with another country. Iran doesn't realize what they're getting themselves into.
Jake ,   USA   (08.15.12)
29. #2, don't worry you're safe, Iran needs you
Those that call themselves Palestinians are the tools needed to destroy Israel. Don't worry you're safe.
Jake ,   USA   (08.15.12)
30. #2
Why would you ever want to live under occupation as you say,go to Palestine(Jordan)and you won't have to worry.
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (08.15.12)
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