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Suspected 'price tag': Torched vehicles found near Hebron    Itamar Fleishman
1. No sane comparison between petty vandalism and murder.
Now is the time for the lunatic left to get all upset about price tag activities. However, there is no sane comparison between the petty vandalism of price tag activities and the murderous attacks of Israel's "Palestinian" enemies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.28.12)
2. These people will, are destroying Israel
Actually, it's happenig as I speak Israel is being destroyed by her own hands, so now all we do is sit and wait on the clock, it just keeps on happening throughout time and I fear the Omega of it all as HaShem tires of his chosen.
Reu ,   Country   (08.28.12)
3. nationalistically-motivated murder
nationalistically-motivated murder. That is what sick and perverted Israeli media and government call Islamic terrorism now because they are so fearful to call it what it is !
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.28.12)
4. Awarta: home to murderers of Fogel family
The village gave refuge to their brothers, helped them cover up the crime. They murdered five people, three children including an infant, bragged about it ,and their mother told the press how proud she was of her sons the way a Jewish mother would brag about 'my son, the doctor...'
Ayelet HaShachar ,   Maale Adummim Israel   (08.28.12)
5. Time to extradite the pals
from all of Israel and return them and their mosque to any one of the many arab spring nations of their choice. Move pals or, be moved.
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.28.12)
6. # 2 How dare you try and speak for the G-d of Israel.
the arab spring make your inept comments more than laughable, and you dare to speak for the G-d of Israel? Seems like old ala is on vacation while his minions are being wiped out by other lunatic muslims.... Perhaps it is he( ala ) that is more than tired of their never ending blood shed and cruelty to one another?? When you've turned to dust, Israel will still be Israel and you will still be an ass..
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (08.29.12)
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