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El Al raises excess baggage charge     Danny Sadeh
1. Start Charging for OVERWEIGHT CARRY-ON!
I am just soooo tired of all those who bring a whole bunch of bags on board and then think that I need to move over for them AND their bags!
secular female ,   Israel   (10.09.12)
2. United charges $200 for Excess baggage
United charges $200 for Excess baggage.
Laila ,   New York, USA   (10.10.12)
3. the excess luggage is the the average price easyjet flight
they just dont learn ..
alon   (10.10.12)
4. El Al raises prices when fuel price increases but
they don't lower it when prices come down. Open the skies to more competition.
Zev ,   Israel   (10.10.12)
5. Hiked prices
Good!, another reason for not traveling with the Kosherised, Talibanised air line!!!
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (10.10.12)
6. ElAl -worst airline in the developed world
nearly always Late Frequent Cancellations No legroom Rude Staff Bad Food Few Routes Lost Luggage Confusion Since 9/11 other airlines are just as safe
7. Don"t Make Aliyah If you won't be able to visit your parents
Expat ,   Hasharon   (10.10.12)
8. Do not fly el al! And make sure if you fly
another airline and there is a stop over, check to see if it is el al. Do not give them a cent and let them lower prices or go bankrupt.
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.10.12)
9. Most certainly NOT the worst airline in the developed world.
Totally disagree with this comment. Quite by far one of the best airlines in the world. Never had a cancellation, never been late, except for bad weather, food and leg room is like any other airline in economy class. Never had a problem with rudeness either - in fact, the office staff and cabin crew bent over backwards with compassion for me when my father recently passed away and I had to fly out that very same day. Will always fly them when I can.
Ruth ,   London   (10.11.12)
10. asking about extra bag
Hi i want to know how much to oay for extra bag and how much wight has to be thank you
rawan ,   usa   (08.22.15)
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