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Haredi who assaulted reporters gets community service    Aviel Magnezi
1. He belongs behind bars
He could be placed in the Shas wing where he will feel at home
Haim ,   TA   (10.15.12)
2. belongs in iran
send him there
courtney ,   usa   (10.15.12)
3. Another GOOD family person
I am sure he comes from a GOOD family. He should research emigrating to Argentina. Next time he may just kill someone (by accident).
Dan ,   KS   (10.15.12)
4. the sentence would be no different if he were secular
The fact is this is not a serious offence and a judge is not going to send somebody to jail just because of this. If this man was secular rather than haredi would it still get an article dedicated to it on here I wonder as this site is very anti haredi?
zionist forever   (10.15.12)
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