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Israel allows return of 18 Shalit deal prisoners to West Bank    Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
1. Excute terrorists within 48 hours of capture.
Isn't this a great deal? Captured "Palestinian" terrorists won't be allowed to commit more terrorist atrocities immediately. They'll have to wait a short while till Bibi allows them into Judea and Samaria! Israel's policy should be to execute captured terrorists within 48 hours of capture.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.15.12)
2. 18 terrorists getting ready to go back to work
A ,   Belgium   (10.15.12)
3. Softer than butter,and Israel wants respect ?!
This "return" clase had been carefully hidden from the public,Netanyahu is a true wussy
ab   (10.15.12)
4. Well know Behaviour
It is well known that Israel will arrest them afetr a couple of days of being allowed to get back to the WB. It is a well known behaviour of the Jewish mentality. What's a shame!
Yoni ,   Israel   (10.15.12)
5. This is bad news!
Reuven   (10.15.12)
6. smart
Israel are bringing them back to keep an eye on them.. same thing they did when they allowed the plo to come back to the west bank. so they can keep close eye on them and control them.. " keep your friend close and your enemy closer.... every move israel make is processed 1000 time.. cant underestimae them
johnny ,   norway   (10.15.12)
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