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Residents: Obama uses Sderot as campaign tool    Neri Brenner
1. Obama will win and try to shut down Israel
2. #1 b.H.o. Is A Decendent Of Ham?
Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket Isn't Wise?????????????????????
3. It is not lost on the American people ....
.... that Obama has not visited Israel since 2008. Nor is it lost on the American people that Obama did pay a state visit to Egypt (before throwing Mubarak under the bus) and to Saudi Arabia (where he knelt and kissed the hand of the King of Saudi Arabia). He has paid a state visit to Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, he has traveled throughout the Arab and Moslem world, while pointedly ignoring the State of Israel, the United States' only real and dependable ally in the Middle East. That's going to come back and bite him on November 6.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.23.12)
4. # 1
Maybe Obama will win but he will never achieve shutting down Israel. No man can achieve that. Am Israel Chai.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.23.12)
5. Amazed
It's amazing how many people, rather then seeing President Obama's deeds, blindly believe Sheldon Adelson's Propaganda. I would think and be ashamed if I were bought by Adelson.
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (10.23.12)
6. If Obama has learned anything from Sderot...
it is not apparent in his policy toward Israel.... perhaps someone from Sderot should step forward and share their observations of Obamas policies...
galut ia ,   selah   (10.23.12)
7. Holocaust
To mention the holocaust is to understand why Israel exists. Obama does.
DOV ,   USA   (10.23.12)
8. Obama is not
a friend to either the Jewish people or the Jewish State of Israel. No one who supports the Muslim Brotherhood can possibly be such a friend. It could hardly be more obvious.
Mike L. ,   usa   (10.23.12)
9. Obama visited Israel as a CANDIDATE
A candidate for President does not move 5 ft. unless it is to court votes. That is how his trip to Israel as Candidate Obama should be viewed. But as President Obama, despite his visits to several Moslem countries, he did not once visit Israel.
Jake   (10.23.12)
10. #5 And what about SOROS propaganda?
You know, the billlionaire who financed Obama's campaign? Remember, the Soros "chicken" preceded the Adelson "egg".
Jake   (10.23.12)
11. He will not sit as a president anymore
He will be like Jimmy carter
Alfred ,   Israel   (10.23.12)
12. Wishfull thinking
American Jewry is foolish to cast their votes with him. what more proof do you all need that is neither good for the US nor for its friends. so far, he has lied, not kept promises, deceived and with his wife lived like royalty off tax payers back. do you really want four more years with him?
Amos ,   Canada   (10.23.12)
13. Yad Vashem
He went there to be reminded?? REMINDED? What, he forgot??? Things like that, you do not forget. I certainly do not need to be reminded...
Ilana ,   grad stricken city   (10.23.12)
14. Who is this Amar guy?
Obama is not the PM of Israel, it's BIBI the bluffer. He is responsible for the security of the State of Israel. Attacks on Israel where more common during the Bush era than now. America gives Israel 3 billion plus dollars in aid every year and uses it's veto every time it has to. What more do you want? Do you want us to spend trillions on fighting Iran? Ask your self why don't we go to war (Israel) with Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas before you ask us to fight.
sheik rattle & ROLL ,   USA   (10.23.12)
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (10.24.12)
16. #14 moron
1.Israel don't ask US soldiers to fight for Israel. 2.3 billion dollars of the aid stay in US ang give jobs to Americans. 3.When/if iran gets nukes, no one on US soil will be safe.It will be global problem to be at the mercy of some lunatics.
mark ,   ca   (10.24.12)
17. shik rattle & dull... of mind.
18. Obama's Lies
He did come to Sderot to court the Jewish vote before the elections, that's the only reason. He went to Yad Vashem to court the Jewish vote, he has Yad Vashem in Washington so it was not necessary. Pathetic comment from the president of the US, only a little kid will think his statements were good for the Jews. The only truth is that after he got the Jewish vote he skipped Israel, he told to the arabs that Israel has to return to the indefensible borders of 1967, and he avoided Bibi at a critical moment when Israel is threaten by Iran and the arab spring. All of these events give power to areab countries to harras Israel as they see that that Israel's big ally is not with Israel. Also, he back stabbed Mubarak in his like nobody did. The american voters shoud ask Mubarak his opionion on Obama, a great friend of Mubarak one day and a great advocate of democracy the next. For the US there is not bad or good, just what it is good for the US. When it comes to Middle East foreign policy Obama can be a good clown on a circus, but not in real life. Maybe he learned a lot from BARNUM, the king of deception.
Serge ,   new York. NY   (10.24.12)
19. Netanyahu's Plan
Netanyahu wanted Israel to be part of the US election. It was about 30% of the foreign policy debate. So, of course both candidate trips would be part of the mix. Obama upped defense aid to Israel by 50% AND got Congress to fund and buy several Iron Dome systems for Israel. This was done at the expense of food aid to the hungry and rebuilding roads and bridges in the USA. All th4e dire predictions about Obama have turned out to be fantasy. My Congressman can't even tell me where to submit a camp guard or teacher application for the FEMA Re-education camps or how or when the gun confiscations will start.
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (10.24.12)
20. Who is the moron # 16
aid to israel produces US jobs? please explain how giving away FREE US military hardware is good for the US idiot! Israel is a wealthy country, it's time you paid for the tanks and planes we sent you! remember there is no such thing as a free lunch!
Ray ,   US   (10.24.12)
21. # 14
Read carefully & remember. Israel does not see one dime of the aid money. That money is spent in your country buying arms. You can check this out on google. You honestly think Israel would let America go it alone in attacking Iran? Israel has much more backbone than you think.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
22. Obama and israel
I loved it when Romney reminded everyone that Obama has schlepped to visit all these Arab countries but has never had time to visit Israel since he's been president. Also when he said about having Israel's back, I liked romneys counter that included his backing Israel up militarily if need be.
Rhonda ,   Chicago, usa   (10.24.12)
23. Romney went to collect money
Obama bought you iron dome
abdalla   (10.24.12)
24. The US President only cares for the US
simple. Doesn't matter what state his from. The simple fact is that Obama or Romney will always have to act for what's best for the US, even if it means throwing Israel to burn. The real issue is about Israel doing what is best for herself alone, just like the Jews have to do for centuries.
David ,   Israel   (10.24.12)
25. what matters is what Obama did after been elected, no before
#9 is right. before election, everything is promises and talk alone. what really counts is the moment you are elected onwards. As a President, he has not visited Israel, while acknowledging all the arab states around her. OK, just to say he is too busy to come. what about when Bibi visited WH, his shunning attitude towards Bibi, the mannerism and the speeches, and the voluntarily leak of his conversation with Sarosky mocking Bibi, tells a great deal. you mocked Bibi, you mocked the whole of israel! now you boast about funding Iron Drone. my big fat toe! any President will fund that, because it help US too. he doesn't care for the Jews outside US, he only care for the Jewish rich voters in US.... all the visits to Holocaust museum and S'derot are only did so to appease the Jewish voters. by condemning all building projects Bibi proposes and demanding freezing settlements, and persuading more land giving up, Obama show he wants more villages to experience what the S'derot people experience.
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (10.24.12)
26. nonsense
Typical Israeli double-speak. I wonder how many residents of Sederot complain about US funding for the Iron Dome project used to help keep them safe. I wonder how many Israelis shake their heads in disgust when they see American politicians falling over themselves to prove that they will do Israel's bidding more faithfully than their political rivals. Yesh li b'chila!
arik ,   usa   (10.24.12)
27. Obama has to go!
28. Israel exists becouse the God of Israel
Because Jahve is the one how will keep israel. It is not some person how says: holocaust and so Israel will exist. This has nothing to do with this and that´s why you can be cheated because you live by feelings.
Anita ,   Finland   (10.24.12)
29. to #14 the boy in the wheel chair happened
in 2005, Bibi wasn't elected yet. and no, sderot rockets began two weeks after the pullout in 2001, as money, you amerikans enslave Israel, cause the money r loans, you gamble with Israel security, you lost the trust of your last real friend in the ME, got nothing with your amerikan credit, It happened no by nobama, the guy with the legs on the table travel to expensive resorts in time like this. ever asked nobama for complete transperantcy in the finnance.
ghostq   (10.24.12)
30. #19 Israel is only US ally in ME
Yet Obama was rude to Netanyahu. That reflects poorly on Obama. He puts his own personal feelings and negative sentiment before US diplomacy. Military aid is a long term US commitment to Israel. The money does not come out of social services or road building programs. There would be plenty of money to use for that purpose if Obama reigned in government over-spending and stopped bank rolling companies destined for failure.
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.24.12)
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