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Sudanese VP: Israel needs to be deterred     News agencies
1. Come on Israel, admit put the
iceberg in Titanics way, might as well blame Israel for that to, anymore have troubles and want to plant blame. Guess what Israel is immunized! We all had the anti blame jab. But if it was Israel, just shows distance isnt a problem!!!
Ben ,   fantastic Israel   (10.24.12)
2. Boo Hoo I will send them a quarter and then
they can call someonewho cares!!!! Besides who ever did it just saved Lives of The South Sudeanese From Slaughter by the CRIMINAL bashar who should be in a Jail Cell In The Hague, him and his jonjuwi arab murder's (DARFUR) where was androgenous ashton then????????
3. Ben #1
We used the Mossad Vultures for this mission
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.24.12)
4. Sudan? Sudan who ? (End)
Nora Tel Aviv   (10.24.12)
5. Good!
Knee jerk blaming of Israel for any and everything in the Arab world is really getting ridiculous, that being said, if Israel did attack this facility, as a south sudanese I say EXCELLENT! this facility makes all sorts of small arms and munitions that the sudanese government is more than happy to spread far and wide.
broken tusk ,   washington, DC. USA   (10.24.12)
6. it was the radical fairy division
nice work boys !
gays4Israel ,   toronto   (10.24.12)
7. Here's a concept
Quit arming hamass! Keep your nose out of Israeli affairs! See how simple that is? Idiots!
DavidR ,   USA   (10.24.12)
8. Sudan will retaliate
They will send us a few thousand illegals-very serious given Israels courts.
Ron ,   LA   (10.24.12)
9. Gaza rockets
wonder why there were 70 rockets fired from gaza today?
10. Hamas Holocaust Denial
Hamas Holocaust Denial is stubborn and ers of zion forgery procreating gulfs against peace as is extolling the Elders of Zion Forgery produced by the Czarist Regimes with the vicious cycle perpetuating .Un efforts to introduce holocaust studies and the failure to assign a sanctuary for jews in Islamic land Turkey was close.
Zivron   (10.24.12)
11. WTF Zivron
Zivron, time to get back on your meds.
Tom ,   Boston   (10.24.12)
12. #8
those are sleeping cells, just watch out. it is coming....
Daniel ,   LA   (10.24.12)
13. Gee #3
Hey, Khartoum is on the Nile (Blue/White confluence, actually), so maybe it was a joint op: Mossad Vultures *and* Sharks.
NM ,   Durban, RSA   (10.24.12)
14. Blast
The target wasn't exactly the Khartoum Center for the Performing Arts. Good--take it to them. Pre-emptive is always better than reactive.
BK ,   Virginia, USA   (10.24.12)
15. Fatah Did It . . . Or Was It a Rival Sudanese Faction
Maybe Hibollah or even Islamic Brotherhood. If any of these factions were not getting enough money from the Suandese, that would be justification enough in their minds.
emanon ,   USA   (10.24.12)
16. Sudan's retaliation:
with bows and arrows?
Eli ,   Raanana   (10.24.12)
17. let them
Attack us. Then we will have good reason to kick the illegals out the country
me ,   at home   (10.24.12)
18. Yeah, make my day
Please attack us Sudan - and give us a pretext to turn your country into a parking lot for camels and donkeys. So you "reserve" yourselves the "right" to arm and equip Hamas? That's a declaration of war on Israel. Then we reserve ourselves the right to defend ourselves and to attack those who want to harm us - that includes Sudan.
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.24.12)
19. Not too sure what's more entertaining;
The issue Or the comments Hoot!
Er der   (10.24.12)
20. SAUDI ARABIA 1950's - AL KHOBAR "Modern Building" - VERY RAR
Nuke Mecca!
George Jones ,   New Orleans, USA   (10.24.12)
21. The Smoking Gun ...
Bottom line is that whoever needs to know who did it already does. The "eyes in the sky" have just about every square meter of this part of the world firmly in focus. So, its all about posturing not blame, spin not truth, and trying to find someone who actually cares!
Joe W ,   Haifa   (10.24.12)
22. Israel did everything! The Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake....
Even the birth of Ahmadinejad! So, let's take a look at the accuser: Sudan whose President, Omar al-Bashir, is charged with crimes of "genocide by killing, genocide by causing serious bodily or mental harm and genocide by deliberately inflicting on each target group conditions of life calculated to bring about the group's physical destruction" in three separate counts. The new warrant will act as a supplement to the first, whereby the charges initially brought against al-Bashir will all remain in place, but will now include the crime of genocide which was ruled out initially, pending appeal." And we are supposed to take something that comes out of the cesspool called Sudan, seriously? Oh doubt Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Ban Ki-Moon, Baroness Ashton and the EU will condemn Israel and call for restraint. They would rather believe a genocidal maniac regime than the Jews whom the Muslims have over and over tried to destroy!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.24.12)
23. 16 Eli That s a good one..Ha Ha Ha
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (10.24.12)
24. Looks like another "work accident".
Jake   (10.24.12)
25. Training
It s a training to attack Iran nuke factory.
marcelo tuchman ,   RIO,BRAZIL   (10.24.12)
26. Heey Sudan, play with firepower, get burned.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.24.12)
27. #16 Sudan's retaliation:
Perhaps with bows and arrows (that was funny). Perhaps with a bomb like in Burgas. That isn't as funny as your comment. I know.
Albrecht   (10.24.12)
28. I LOVE that fireworks !!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.24.12)
29. Is a joke?
Sudan has not money to buy food,but has to build armories? Later,Israel in unfair. Who fears Sudan? How they can prove was a Israeli attack?
marcelo tuchman ,   RIO,BRAZIL   (10.24.12)
30. Muslims never learn...
If you ALWAYS blame Israel for EVERYTHING bad happening to you, you'll lose credibility and soon you'll be ignored, and even better for Israel, you'll never learn. That's Israel's luck: Muslims are blind with hatred and clouded by stupidity. Fits them well. They actually DESERVE all the misery, poverty, bloodshed they've been bringing upon themselves ever since Islam has been invented by a drugged pedophile. Man, what a pathetic pile of excrement...
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