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Better Place to sack 150 R&D workers    Golan Hazani, Calcalist
1. Enough of this shtuyiot: Big Carbon Footprint/ Big Israel!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.29.12)
2. Why not start with buses
If electric is so good, why not start with buses? The battery can be switched at the end of the routes and most of the city buses could run on electric. Stop the polution where the polution is needed to be stopped, not in the open areas, but in the city centers first.
Dan ,   K"S   (10.29.12)
3. Solar electric
Solar electric for buses and cars ought be looked plus wind power turbines as cars race along .Stringently secured underground travel with escape routes shall purpose nuclear shelters and freight travel .
Zivron   (10.29.12)
4. better place
it seems that better place turned out to be not such a good place to work
joemoer ,   israel   (10.29.12)
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