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Poll: Kahlon-Labor union likely to get 32 seats    Tzvika Brot
Kahlon will do exactly what Lieberman did forming his own party and then later he will join Likud Beitenu to strengthen it further.
Israeli 2   (11.01.12)
2. poll commissioned by Labor
Noting the source of the poll, it is not difficult to realize that there is internal leaning to come up with larger numbers than the reality seems to support. Labor will soon join Kadima as being the great memory of Israel unless it gets a real leader and not just pop 'personalities' who garnish headlines but have no fabric.
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.01.12)
3. Fantasy baseball
Kahalon did well in his ministerial work well because the Likud gave him their backing. To join with labor would not advance him politically ( Shelly would take a 2nd place ranking?) and the new alliance would have no consistent defense or foreign policy.
Ilan   (11.01.12)
4. Only in a wet dream 32 seats
Only in a wet dream 32 seats, Cachlon is basically an amateur following Nethanyuo instructions
JJJ   (11.01.12)
5. #1 interesting
An interesting theory. Kahlon figured that after the union with Lieberman he would need Netanyahu's favor to be a Minister. If Kahlon sets up an own party he can negotiate with Netanyahu as an equal.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.01.12)
6. A Confession....sorts of.
Look, everyone is throwing hers or his 'ideal set-up' to counter the xinophobic merger Likud-Israel Beiteinu. Now, here is my drather: Rabi Haim Amselem with Deri and Kahalon plus Habayit Hayehudi, and opla you have a traditional-moderate nationalist group of people who have a potential to turn the Israel's Horizons for a better and just Nation. Just an idea, with not too much to throw nuggets at. But its a hell lots better than the Bibi's alternative.
Avouskila ,   South America   (11.01.12)
7. Follow-up
But of course, I left out the most important condition for this 'speculative-ideal new Party", of mine to come about: It should be headed by Mr. Kahlon, yes you got it,, for now he is the current Messiah, Hallelouiah!!!
Avouskila ,   South America   (11.01.12)
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