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Peres: Abbas true partner for peace    Attila Somalvi
1. Abas
i agree with our President, most Israelis want a 2 State solutions. We see the potential of being friends.
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (11.03.12)
2. How can someone live to the age of 89....
...and still be this naive?
Malone ,   Hfx   (11.03.12)
3. Peres thought Oslo a good idea
Bad judgment.
Rachel ,   US   (11.03.12)
4. Do not trust Mr. Peres' judgement
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (11.03.12)
5. The 2 state solution is the ONLY solution
The Jewish State of Israel on the west side of the Jordan River, and the arab state of Jordan/Palestine/whatever on the east side of the Jordan River. Any other option is not an option. Dementia seems to be affecting Mr. Peres quite seriously, along with his friend Jimmy Carter.
A ,   Belgium   (11.03.12)
6. True
Most Israelis want two states. Also true, most Palestinians want one state.
Sagi   (11.03.12)
7. Abbas, our only hope
when one sees where the region is heading and how israeli right wing politicians have completely failed to see that the alternative to the likes of presidents abbas and Mubarak will be Hamas and not even that, but Al Qaeda and very extreme jihadist groups now in the ascendancy across the region; one would realise how stupid these rightists were. If we have made peace with Abbas and the arabs years ago, Hamas wont be in control of Gaza and perhaps the fundamentalists wont be in control of Egypt. Time to make peace and leave the west bank and share Jerusalem. Biblical promises wont save us, only through compromise and peace that the Jews can servive for another 2000 thousands yrs. Peres the wisest man in Israel, time will prove he is right, he is the most visionary Jewish leader since Ben Guerion
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.12)
8. abu mazzen is a slippery character
"Abbas further asserted that as long as he's president, would ensure there would "never" be a third intifada." never is a long time. not that the palestinian anarchy is excessively democratic (abu mazzen was elected in 2005 for a 4-year term), but he will likely not be the president after the next election. it is such an immense relief to hear that the next intifada won't be allowed to happen until, at least, some time in 2013. just like oslo all over again. it makes me wonder if peres is expecting another nobel prize for his role in supporting this "great partner for piece" (sic)?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.03.12)
9. Peres takes high Abbass has no real power
This is naive high risk. There is no quick fix. Which stakeholders in the Arab Community will back Abbass? We need cortious politicians to validate this offer to believe it has meaning. Abbass found a softy and is trying a backdoor move.
Martin ,   SA   (11.03.12)
10. MOST Israeli's want 2 states? Where from?
The Tanach wants a one state solution, the one HaShem gave us through His promise to Abraham, Isaac and Yacob. Perez speaks for himself and his western handlers.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.03.12)
11. Are Peres and Netanyahu playing good cop bad cop?
"Peres says Abbas proved in word and deed that he is a partner for peace". You mean the Munich massacre and denying the Holocaust? That he won't ever accept a Jewish State and wants the right of return. Maybe Peres and Netanyahu are just playing good cop bad cop?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.03.12)
12. #7 - Israel offered over 92% three times
You simply don't understand that the PA doesn't want peace. If it did then it could have had over 92% of the West Bank on three separate occasions. It wants ALL of Israel!
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.03.12)
13. abbas is the best for israel
israel again losing another chance to finish the 100 years of conflict by netanyahu..abbas said the truth that he want palestine on 1967 border but netanyahu need to be honest and say the truth either he want peace or not..abbas helped netanyahu and beaten him politically and now its netanyahu role to answer him
adam adam ,   earth planet   (11.03.12)
14. Common sense at last! Bravissimo
When any PA leader exhibits any common sense he unfortunately endangers his life. Abbas once admitted his family left Sefas because they feared Jewish reprisals for the earlier Arab massacres of Jews.
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.03.12)
15. Arabs as parter for peace? Huh?
Just yesterday an Arab stabbed a 35 year old man in Jerusalem. Of course no mention of this in left media. With such people you want "peace partners"?
Dov   (11.03.12)
16. Of course Abbas wants a solution...
A final solution. The one he denies existed. I admire Peres as a wise and experienced man, but surely dementia is creeping in. Abbas has been sitting on his ass for the past 7 years allowing his people to continue rotting. His pedecessor, the vile creature Arafat was actively involved in terror (didn't he invent modern terrorism ?), which set his people back decades. OK, we know that there never was a Palestinian state (or people for that matter), but we should give them something to live for. We're not going away, so it's time to get the Jordanians (who are actually mainly Palestinians really), to take a deep breath and absorb all those tasteful characters from the West Bank and Gaza. The primitive souls from Gaza could have been contributing to society had Arafat been interested in his people (instead od syphoning billions of dollars for supermodel Suha to inherit).
itzik shlomo ,   jerusalem   (11.03.12)
17. #13 best for Israel
60 to 80 % of the local Arabs support Hamas. Abbas represents the remaining 20 to 40 as head of PLO so even if he is not lying, his opinions are no more than talking points until PLO council approves them. So saying that Abbas is a fresh air, or the best for Israel is the same as saying Ketzaleh is the best PLO leader for Israel. True or not, it does not matter.
18. Peace , Abbas and Peres
The Pal & Jews have been living together for more than 6 decades and have interacted socially for 3/4 of this period. People from both parties have roomed freely everywhere and where trading profitably until almost the year 2000 AD. Now good gestures are best remedy for better live since each believe the land is holly and is his. Negotiation has been undergoing bitterly for years with no progress. The only thing our leader is better than the best at is "MAKING STATEMENTS" . something we are fed up with and want actions.
abo bara ,   al-shuhada- jenin   (11.03.12)
19. Really
We have one terrorist state in gaza, Peres is not happy, he wants a second terrorist state in Judea and Samaria. Jerusalem and Gush Dan will be under rocket attack like the south. Misery loves company. Why are Israeli es so selfish and dumb?
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.03.12)
20. To No.3 You agree with Hamas then?
Hamas hate President Abbas, they want Israel to ignore him, and let his control over the West Bank collapse so that they can take over. Can you say why Oslo was bad? (It gave Israel peace) Can you offer any better ideas? Don't you want your country to set some Boarders? No, all you can do it mutter "bad judgement" and back the Hamas claim that there is no one in Israel interested in peace.
Lewis ,   Oxford, England   (11.03.12)
21. Obama's revenge
Why is Peres saying this now? Has he been meeting with someone from the US? Once re-elected Obama has planned with Barak & Peres for them to win the Israel election and make peace. America has a long history of controling elections, and has many tools to ensure the victory of those it favors - (media coverage, funding, promised, arm twisting, talking to the IDF about 'how they may not be able to give Israel more funds for Iron Dome, or the new fighter planes') I do not think Obama has forgotten Bibi's actions in the US election, nor will he forgive.
Lewis ,   Oxford, England   (11.03.12)
22. TO NR. 5.
23. Time to retire
Why does Peres think he can talk on behalf of the majority of Israelis? He cannot and should not. He is discrediting the elected government as he tries to appeal to his WEF business partners. In 60 years of reign the Queen of England never allowed herself to undermine her successive prime ministers. It is time for Peres to hang his crown and do what he does best, mingle with the rich and gullible, eager to listen to his utopic ranting.
Eddy ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.12)
24. Abbas the Zionist?
If Abbas does mean what he has just said then he is more of a Zionist than the religious right that determines Netanyahu's policy. This growing segment of the poulation was never part of the Zionist struggle and has no empathy for Herzl's dream. They are post-Zionist, a Jewish variant of the Muslim Brotherhood without the sharia. So of course they do not accept the principle of two states for two peoples.
Beauchard ,   amsterdam   (11.03.12)
25. Sorry! I dont believe Munich Manager and Shoa Denier
Alan ,   SA   (11.04.12)
26. Peres is not senile:he knows that he has to use every oppor-
tunity to justify his past blunder (Oslo) that bordered on criminal behaviour. That's why he will use even non-voluntary body- twitches from dr.Shoa-denier Abu Adolf Mazen to "prove" he had/has a "Partner" for Peace. What a digusting individual Peres is!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.04.12)
27. Mr.Peres, an unreliable president
Once Israel belived him. He said in the time of daily bus bombings ( mid.90-is): Hamas declared war on Israel and Israel will act accordingly. Nothing happened,only more and more innocent Israelis died. The president deemed Arafat also a true peace partner. History proved that naivite is a wrong and dangerous Mentor.Mr. Abbas openly supports terrorism by naming streets after their names,by denying Holocaust ,by declaring that Palestine should be Jew free etc. Trust is much more than poor and mistaken judgement by someone who regularly endangers and undermines the security of the people of Israel.
Tomi Budapest ,   Hungary   (11.04.12)
28. Peres quite intelligent
The price tag pyschos think Peres is a traitor but he developed the nuclear capacity and a land swap keeping most settlement Lieberman is for it he calls it the cyprus remedy infact Jews were interned in cyprus .The vast question is can we forgive Islam their bystander role in the holocaust and can we trust Islam and for how long . It's on option but are the vast historical forces to quote Anthony Beevor able to contend .
Zivron   (11.04.12)
29. not that again......
there will never be peace until Islam reforms and accepts Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people ! Isnt about time, politicians speak the truth ?
alsky ,   Toronto   (11.04.12)
30. And Peres is a true MORON
All I can imagine is that Peres is delusional with the end of life fantasy that HE negotiate can peace between Israel and its terrorist enemies. Of course his fantasy requires ignoring all facts and dangers vis a vis Abbas and the Palis. Peres.... a narcissist till the end.
Yehudit ,   Jerusalem   (11.04.12)
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