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Israel shines in California campus    Yitzhak Benhorin
1. Great news. Israel should always placate UC students.
The Uniuversity of California campuses have the most intelligent, most progressive, active, very large and vocal student bodies. It is an excellent idea for Israeli students, faculty and foreign ministry representatives to find common interests and ways to agree with student demands at the University of California campuses, whether at Irvine, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Davis and other. I am very happy to read that this has been happening on the Irvine campus.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.05.12)
2. uc irvine
Funny how the kids voted 16~0 at uc irvine, that israel committted crimes residence think israel dislikes our pres. That why people supported him for a 2nd time and what do you report? Thanks no propblems with support in the usa lol lol lol
gm ,   usa southern califor   (11.19.12)
3. Alas, our enemies ALWAYS benefit....
from our leading tech prowess - and everything in between - and we are supposed to be grateful they were 'polite'. Insanity run amok..better to be feared than anything else, when it comes to the war we are waging. And it is not as if this Israeli blogger is a stranger to 'hasbara' 'Hibur/Chaim Kutnicki/MIT and you shall see...
Adina Kutnicki, ,   Israel   (11.26.12)
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