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10 Border Guard officers injured in Shufat    Noam (Dabul) Dvir
1. but these are our partners for peace
I can not believe this report that our peace loving neighbors would commit such a violent act. Must be lashon hara
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.06.12)
2. #1
Sarcasm much? :)
Just Me   (11.06.12)
3. shuafat refugee camp
these people are israelis who drive into jerusalem every day. it's really scary that an israeli police car can't drive through there without being attacked.
batya ,   jerusalem, israel   (11.06.12)
4. simple solution
attack the police and go to jail. No leniency and your family gets its ID cards withdrawn, no more health care and the whole family is exported to behind the wall
real vision ,   usa   (11.06.12)
5. #3 - these people are israelis ,...
Israelis in refugee camp ? ,...
split ,   US   (11.06.12)
6. And now they are rioting in Ein Kerem
Now some relatives of this breed have broken into the Ein Kerem Hospital to continue rioting there. Somebody should drive through this Shufat with a .50 cal. to light them up a bit.
Abu Zibby ,   Akhbar Zib   (11.06.12)
7. Police attacked
Wake up my fellow Jews! The compassion shown for those people is,has never and will not ever be returned. After so long you have to face the FACTS and not give in to our rachmoonis to people that spit in your face and are overtly operating to insure your demise. Stop it already!!!
Irving ,   USA   (11.06.12)
8. Split Arabs in Jerusalem were offered citizenship, they
mostly refused The Arab thug enforcers are very persuasive but most Arabs surveyed in Israel do not want to be ruled by their brothers The professional refugee industry is a special Arabs only deal pushed through and maintained by the Arab automatic majority in the UN
9. #8 - Where they used to live prior to refugee camp ? ,...
Not in their houses by the way ? ,...
split ,   US   (11.07.12)
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