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Mohammad Barakeh reelected Hadash chairman    Hassan Shaalan
1. Allow patriotic parties and ban treacherous ones.
It is ludicrous to allow these treacherous parties in Israel. Especially considering the patriotic Kach Party was banned. The sane course of action is the opposite. Allow patriotic parties and ban treacherous ones.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.10.12)
2. Hadash rocks!!!
They already have our votes and more to come from our circle of friends
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (11.11.12)
3. Gregg #2
you are NOT an Israeli so you cannot vote. You go back to Italy yet? After all you hate Jews and Israel... why stay here?
David ,   Haifa   (11.11.12)
4. #3 I can vote as I have citizenship
Then I go back to italy
Gregg   (11.11.12)
5. Together lets bring down the right-wing fascist goverment
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.11.12)
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