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Israel-Germany twin cities celebrated     Ynet
1. The new generations of israel & germany must work together!
EU   (11.11.12)
2. Germany, not Belgium
The image with the two rings shows the Belgium colours (Black-Yellow-Red), not the German ones (Black-Red-Yellow) ...
3. Strange friendship.
Also a twin city G├╝nsburg - Bavaria, where Josef Mengele was born ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.11.12)
4. #2
It depends on what direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) you move around the ring.
Tomek ,   Poland   (11.12.12)
5. #3: Why not?
Why should they not be friends of Israelis - because of one person who has been born there more than 100 years ago? Nobody living in that city now can be blamed for Mr. Mengele. ... and obviously, the people which are involved and actively participating in a partnership program with an israeli city, don't share the opinion of Josef Mengele.
Tobias   (11.12.12)
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