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5,600 join religious gays' organization    Ynet
1. Therfore can you turn a straight man gay
What a load of BS, being gay is not a choice you either are or your not. Those who think they have "converted" are just gays in denial. Honey i`ve slept with enough married men to know what i am talking about.
Gadi ,   Haifa Israel   (11.14.12)
2. Its possible
There are many straight men, they claim they are straight and have tried and some like sex with another man. I believe that a homosexual man can get married to a woman and have relations and if strong enough will not need to have sexual relations with another guy, this does not mean that he will still not be attracted to other men but he could have enough will power to break the habit. I believe in such a case the wife should know about his feelings before they get married so that she would be able to help his sexual urges when aroused my another man.
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (11.14.12)
3. Brief article
This article seems too short for this complex subject. Are the married gays bisexual or purely homosexual? Obviously it makes a difference. Is the evidence based equally on male and female homosexuals, or male only? Are some conversion therapies better than others?
Danny ,   London England   (11.14.12)
4. I tried everything to convert...
...from gay to straight! But nothing helped. My final conclusion: You are BORN gay! Accept it and live well with it.
Eric ,   Toronto   (11.14.12)
5. Here's a question you could ask them all.
In the incipient stages of this behavior, who was the one who introduced them to this abnormal lifestyle. We know what the Torah says about this and the Torah remains correct and for the standard that is looking to be achieved, that's not being achieved predominately. That's the way the momentum needs to go, back to the standard. Who's getting it done and how? Every other abomination is getting in the way and that wants to be taken as normal too. See how far these days are looking to take away from the standard. This is where the attention needs to be set, the standard. This is the humanity and the humane.
6. How many conversions did succeed?
One success story only? Don t give up. Since it might be the first step to a long list of successes,with G-Ds help..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.14.12)
7. Religious Gays an oxymoron likeReligious Shabbat Desecraters
Dave   (11.14.12)
8. #1 EVERY man is born to be gay
Jews who have Heavenly fear know it's a sin and learn to control their evil inclination.
Dave   (11.14.12)
9. You keep calling it "conversion" IT IS NOT! it is...
reparative therapy. It repares and realigns ones relationships with parents ,gender identification, and ones self awareness. It doesnt work for everyone but, NOTHING works for everyone. Some gays, including myself, do not feel our homosexuality to be organic, rather it is a series of events compounded by emotional and psychological states of being at said experential times. Quit being psuedo liberals and become real liberals by allowing everyone to deal with their issues as they see fit and not how an "agenda motivated" organization sees it.
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (11.14.12)
10. Gays in Israel
I find it very strange that Homosexuals are a problem for some straight religious leaders. Why? It's not a problem with Gays. I am gay and could care less what opinion anyone has on being gay. I have NO INTEREST in the sex lives of straight people. I think the Lady douth protest too much. Straights get off on day dreaming about gays.
Jack Hackman ,   Phoenix, USA   (11.14.12)
11. sickening !
trying to make someone straight is the same as trying to make someone wont work and stop playing G-d 3 cheers for gay and lesbian Jews !
Twice Blessed   (11.14.12)
12. 11 Gays who go for conversion...
want to become straight.There is nothing wrong to help them.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.14.12)
13. To Gadi #1: Are you a woman???
Your name is Gadi and you said you slept with men. You must be a
Israeli 2   (11.14.12)
14. No #11: It is not good what you write.
You are not born that way. You must change fast and become healthy.
Israeli 2   (11.14.12)
15. # 7 I feel sorry for you.
You most probably never met a religious gay in your life so shut your face up.
Moshico ,   Jerusaelm   (11.15.12)
16. @8, "EVERY man is born to be gay"
Being gay, I loved reading this - I can still hope that Hugh Jackman will turn gay for me - yes! On a serious note, if you have an attraction to other men, that does not mean that EVERY other man has attractions to other men. It just means that you, Dave, are attracted to men. Like so many closet cases.
Amerikaner Yid ,   Detroit   (11.15.12)
17. I met a number of gay Orthodox
There's a lot of them in NYC. And I mean a lot! Some married men with beards (I'm talking both kinds - real and wives) and families. Looking for discretion... Always felt bad that hey have to remain in their suffocating world.
Amerikaner Yid ,   Detroit   (11.15.12)
18. #13
He's gay... That's why he writes "Honey i`ve slept with enough married men to know what i am talking about." I've got nothing against gays, but his comment makes it sound like gays are all promiscous.
Alex   (11.15.12)
19. Gadi
You are right. It is not a choice, but there are lot of homosexuals, by fears, who are living into traditional unhappy unions. Respect the individuals is hard for the reactionaries.
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (11.15.12)
20. Eric, Toronto
In Seinfeld, Ellen try to convert a gay man. She failed... That was an amusing episode. Ellen # 1 !
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (11.15.12)
21. Everyone,
Kingsey is a good movie to see.
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (11.15.12)
22. Disgusting
23. Ora , 12 Welcome back !
We don't know why some try to go to a "conversion" . Maybe it's because of family pressure ? Or because they were rejected by parents and friends ? Or maybe that they try to become straight , to fit in their world . Who knows ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.15.12)
24. 10 % of the population has always been gay/lesbian
It has been well researched and documented: 10 of the population is born with a same sex orientation. It is not an illenss or a psychological problem. It is just as it is: men that are attracted to other men and not to women, women who are attracted to women and not to men. It cannot be changed or treated, in the same way that straight men or women cannot be treated or forced to be attracted to the same sex. Once this is clear there can't be any more discriminations towards these people. Like someone who is born black or white, this is what he is
nana ,   tel aviv   (11.15.12)
25. 5600 all gay all religious - and you've checked each one?
come on - do you really expect us to believe this? How many non-religious have joined? Either to empathize, or push up numbers or just to find new partners? Probably most.
rebecca ,   modiin   (11.15.12)
26. #24 That's the dumbest post I've read . But then only twist
thinking comes from ,   those in TA.   (11.16.12)
27. I understand everything the Torah says about homosexual acts
And at my age I have talked with many gay people at work and other places and not one of them has ever said they "chose" being gay because they liked it over being straight. It is my belief that they were born with that predisposition in their brain and they have no attraction for the opposite sex. What sexual activities they do is under their control but not their feelings for the same sex and this "reparative" therapy has been legally banned for persons under 18 in California as it has been so denounced by therapists.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.16.12)
28. Gays
As far as I am concerned HOD's and gay's are all Goys.
Ari Rondel ,   Golders Green London   (11.23.12)
29. # 7 Dave
You said it best, oxymoron and all!!! How can one be gay and follow the Torah at the same time? People should follow my and let live!
Ginette ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.10.14)
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