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Men who found Majdy Halabi's body sue for reward     Ahiya Raved
1. "information leading to"
does not mean stumbling upon. Receiving 10m for finding human remains by pure chance would be serendipity incarnate.
Sagi   (11.12.12)
2. If...
If an award was advertised as stated, then it should be paid.
A Jersalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.12.12)
3. They are owed the money
Commitments made must behonored.To not do so would be outright lying, theft, and a Chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's name.
Moshe ,   Yerushalayim   (11.13.12)
4. this is shameful!
These men want to make money off the fact that they stumbled upon the remains of their friend. I hope their case gets kicked out of court.
Just Sayin' ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
5. pay up suckers
if the government and different associations fall through on their promises then they should take down all the billboards claiming the 10 milliion dollars and just not say anything. if the government doesnt pay this time people will know its a scam and no one will even bother to look for the missing soldiers. set the proper example and pay, they found the body i think thats good enough for closure dont u think?
viktor ,   nazareth illit   (11.13.12)
6. "inforamtion leading to"
I totally agree. He did not provide information, knowledge about the case, he just stumbled on remains. As such he do not reach the criteria to collect any money, for the "information"
mike ,   sweden   (11.13.12)
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