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UN chief to visit Israel as part of truce efforts    Itamar Eichner
1. You're not welcome
Where have you been for the past 12 years? Where have you been for the past week? Silence...But as soon as Israel retaliates you suddenly have to intervene? Dog. Stay out. You're not welcome.
Or ,   Holon   (11.15.12)
2. UN: You don't like your moslem stooges getting killed?
Too bad, you've been kissing their a**es for long enough, now this is how they thank you by shooting rockets into Israel and inviting the strongest military force in the ME into a conflict. Sure, the UNRWA arab stooges are going to get killed, but that is "palestinian" unity, right? All die together with Maashal.
A ,   Belgium   (11.15.12)
4. When Israel makes a move......
he comes to save the savages. When thousand of rockets were fired over Israel and paralized the lives of a million people, he remained silent. Sould be given a cold shoulder.
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (11.16.12)
5. "Truce" means more rockets. Retake Gaza forever!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.16.12)
6. Mr. Ban
You don't need to come to Israel to seek peace, you'd rather need to have a simple and convincing tone to be addressed to arab's attention. Don't try to teach Israel the what would be the right way to protect its citizens.
Paolo ,   Israel   (11.15.12)
7. "Israel is doing its best to avoid civilian casualties"
This should be patently obvious to all, with hundreds of targets destroyed and only 15 casualties, most of whom were terrorists.
Carl ,   USA   (11.16.12)
8. Don't let him in!
DavidR ,   USA   (11.15.12)
9. this is Israels big chance to finally put
an end to all the rocket attacks. stay strong Israel, don't bow and take a meaningless ceasefire that only brings rocket attacks. Israel is very lucky the whole patreus and Benghazi debacle is happening right now? does anyone think for a second that Obama would have given Israel a green light for this operation otherwise? Obama sees this as an opportunity(his only opportunity) to turn America's/medias attention away from Benghazi/patreus cover-up to an Israeli war. either way, we'll take Obama's green light. but don't be fooled by Obama's blessing for this operation. there's always a catch with president Obama. Jake
the mad zionist ,   sf-ny-is   (11.16.12)
10. Big mistake to let this scumbag into the Country !!!
What possible good can come from this anti-Semite P.O.S.'s visit to Israel? Just to have him repeat the same pre-canned B.S. about "showing restraint" while referring to the situation in Gaza as "tragic"? This is the kind of sh*t that Israel does which makes me angry. You already know this guy hates your guts (like Jimmy Carter), and you STILL allow him on your soil just to spit in your face (like Jimmy Carter)? If he wants to visit Gaza, let him go through Egypt (preferably through the tunnels, while Israel is bombing them). If he wants to visit Israel, a simple "Thanks but no thanks" should be sufficient response.
American Jew   (11.16.12)
11. With All Due Respect mr ban ki moon
Where Have You and the u.n. Been When Rockets and Mortars Have Been Reigning Down On Southern Israel For Over A Year? This Operation The IDF has Instituted is in response To All The Projectiles Fired Into Israel in just the past 6 Months To A Year NOW!!!!!!!! How Dare You Come to Israel with your Dribble and Waste Bibi's Time!!!!!
12. Too Little And WAY TOO LATE
mr ban ki moon You really Should Focus On Your OWN REGION, since kim jung un Is Back In The Production Of ICBM and the recipients Will Be the ILLEGAL regime in tehran. So hurry so soul isn't glowing embers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. Gaza should be given back to Egypt, no charge.
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (11.15.12)
14. Thank you too all US jews who voted Obama....morons
15. Truce Needed
A Truce is needed not a war which givesvotrs to the Salafi psychos and Price Tag Fascists
Zivron   (11.16.12)
16. Ban, stay home or go to Gaza. You are heading in the wrong
direction. What happen? Some rich Arab state paid you to go to Israel to beg the Israelis to cancel the operation? Tell us, how many complaints were filed by Israel? What did you do about them? If you can't do the job, why the hell you took it? You love the perks, don't ya! You should be fired for incompetence.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.16.12)
17. Why is UNWRA complaining? It should not even be in existence
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.16.12)
18. This is how it will go.
Moon: Why did you start this aggression? Bibi: We were tired of getting shot at with rockets. Moon: Please show restraint. Bibi: We have been. Moon: Oh please think about the human tole. Bibi: You idiot, we have been thinking about the human tole, why do you think we haven't leveled Gaza from one end to the other, and are sending in troops on the ground! Now get out of my office, I have work to do... Moon: Yes sir, I will let the world know you are trying to end this..
Daniel ,   Tracy USA   (11.16.12)
19. BRING HIM TO THE SOUTH for his meetings
then see what he says
jack bauer   (11.16.12)
20. Over The Moon
His credibility and that of the UN is less than zero after their fictitious ceasefires in Syria.
Dave ,   USA   (11.16.12)
21. No More "Truces" With Gaza Terrorists
Wipe them out and have done with.
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (11.16.12)
22. I noticed
That Ban didn't do that when Turkey was responding to fire from Syria, nor when they bombard the Kurds in Iraq. Only when Israel returns fire does this idiot say anything at all.
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.16.12)
23. Ban Can Stay In New York
11000 plus Missiles Fired at Israel, and he sits on his ass.. we fight back with a couple of Salvos now he is joining an international Contingent and they are running to ask for piece tell him to stay home ,as he has for all his years and done nothing as president of a hall of lies..
Harold ,   Canada   (11.16.12)
24. UN, Ban tell Gaza to stop shooting on Israel!!
If Gaza stops, no more war. What a novel idea...
25. Ban to visit Israel (and Ramallah)
The UN secretary-general will talk with Abbas about halting Hamas' attacks on Israel's south?!! Why doesn't he talk with Haniyeh? We know the answer.
richard hereld ,   cheshire, USA   (11.16.12)
26. I call bullsytyt!
How many times has he or his predecesor visited The White House to broker a peace in Iraq or Afghanistan, The Kremlin for an ease on Chechnya, or even adressed the Tibet issue in China. Well maybe thats a good thing because when they sent people to help in Darfour..........
JS ,   USA   (11.16.12)
27. Spend a week in their shoes
Dear mr. Moon, Go to Sderot, go directly to Sderot, do not pass Go, do not collect collect $ 200. And spend a week there.
Ben robin ,   Jugehsee NZ   (11.16.12)
28. go to gaza
and see if you can convince the gazans to wish for peace in their lifetime. You and the useless UN are really welcome visitors to Israel. You have forever been accommodating/accepting the terror activities of arabs/muslims and have said hardly nothing since 10,000 rockets have been fired into civilian areas of israel from gaza. Israel has the right to destroy anyone and anything that fires rockets into their country, Time for hamas and the rest of the islamic scum to beg israel to stop and I hope Israel ignores them for a couple more weeks
real vision ,   usa   (11.16.12)
29. Ban Ki Moon
I realize Ban is not exactly the smartest guy in town, but being he's at the head of the UN, isn't it time he at least tried to act the part. How can anything be good with Ban when he chooses the wrong company to have a "say" during meetings. Ban, you need to get your act together. Sharpen up a bit would be a help for starters!
Sauce-Pot   (11.16.12)
30. He should convince the terrorist scum to stop rocket fire.
That would be the first useful thing he has ever done at the UN.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.16.12)
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