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Arab MKs observe moment of silence for Gaza 'martyrs'    Hassan Shaalan
1. Kick them right out of here and straight to Gaza
let them live with the 'martys' Lip service is all very nice when you are earning a nice salary, have medical care and all the other luxuries they enjoy. Kick them the hell out of here - they have no business being here.
Talula ,   Israel   (11.17.12)
2. How many wake-up calls the Jewish Israeli leftists/liberals
need? You have the worst possible enemies that use the first rate medical care, superb education, Israeli social services, professional opportunities and yet, they defend the enemies and hate Jewish Israel.
In US such party ,   wouldnt be tolerated   (11.17.12)
3. The stupidity of Israel's Democrazy. Until when? Trial them
for treason. End of the Story
4. Treason?
Runner1983 ,   USA   (11.17.12)
5. Arab Knesset members
Just think, our tax money pays their salaries!
Proud Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (11.17.12)
6. If I were a judge in Israel
I should sentence Zoabi for 5 years in prison for treason and supporting the enemy.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.17.12)
7. What are traitors doing in Israel's Knesset?
The Left don't realize that they're plagued with the galut mentality. No other country in the world would go for this.
Kalman ,   PT   (11.17.12)
8. Unbelivable
It's beyond all comprehension that these guys are allowed to raom around free and even more so, actually sit in the Knesset. They should be put on trial for treason and executed as traitors. Hamas has declared war so it would be quite obvious that the current condition doesn't allow for any enemy within, the situation is hard enough without taxpayed backstabbers working against the IDF. Let's hope that some of the remining Fajrs hit Zoabi's family...
Fredrik T ,   Sweden   (11.17.12)
9. The Anger should not be directed at them
We should not direct our anger against the Arab MKs or the Arab Students who treat a mass murder as a hero and support the indiscriminate shooting of rockets into civilian population area (ever seen a protest against it??). They will not change their spots and it is waste of anger. Where we should push the effort is against the likes of Meretz and all the others who keep providing then cover and support by ignoring all the transgressions, the data to the contrary ,etc - because it suits their wrapped view of reality. These should be the hammered with lack of consistency in their statements, the purposeful ignorance of facts ,etc.
Ron ,   Melboure, Australia   (11.17.12)
10. They are valuable reps of a mindset
And also proof positive in the flesh of Israel's democracy. It's fine and dandy that they carry on in this role because they actually help Israel. In casual political debates I am often able to quiet the other side simply by pointing toward these people.
Mea   (11.17.12)
11. Arrest them for treason.
And throw away the keys.
Reuven   (11.17.12)
12. Balad
They do not even deserve to be in Israel, not speaking of the Knesset
Michael K ,   Recife, Brazil   (11.17.12)
13. "Hours of Silence"
Given what you say when you decide to talk, deciding to take "hours of silence" might not be a bad idea.
Bo ,   Tel Aviv   (11.17.12)
14. Lieberman would throw these traitors out
Lieberman is the only one who dares to put his foot down against these leftist whack-jobs.
Alex   (11.17.12)
15. give us your passport & take the first boat to Gaza
Zoubi you consider yourself an inseperable part of the palestinian people and you hate Israel so much then resign from the Knesset where you don't belong, give up your Israeli citizenship and you can go to Gaza just like you wanted to do two years ago. Do that and you can be part of the palestinian people not part of the zionist entity which you hate so much.
zionist forever   (11.17.12)
16. Zoabi and the other are right. They are part inseparable of
the Palestinian people, there are not part of Israel. Strip them of Israeli Nationality and send them to Gaza or the West Bank. Send them to make company to Bishara.
17. the truly amazing thing is
these terrorists actually believe they are completely blameless. They honestly believe that murders shooting thousands of rockets at our civilian population is not in any way the cause of our finally retaliating. They can't help seeming themselves as victims. They will cry poverty and starving crippled children while they are shooting very expensive rockets from their homes. The are so brainwashed with hatred and lies that facts are completely lost on them. Jews are liberals and can't help taking a liberal stance even though it is normally to our own destruction. Why these pieces of garbage are allowed to breath our air is beyond me other than we love to hate ourselves and seem to simply enjoy our own self-destructiveness. Even now with terrorists shelling our civilians we insist on not doing the same. I wish we would. Us being afraid of them is counterproductive to civiliation, they must be afraid of us and we can progress. Their mentiality is one of strong vs weak. They take advantage of the weak. They fear the strong. We must be strong. We need the parking and a light rail can bring commuters quicky in. Carpet bomb. But then again, I am not in charge...shame....
frank ,   rehovot   (11.17.12)
18. no end to the absurdity
i just vomited in my mouth i'm so nausueated
orenthal jones ,   israel   (11.17.12)
19. Israel maybe a democracy but even a
democracy does not tolerate those going against the country. These guys are not just traitors they are the worst worms Israel has allowed in the woodwork! Zonabi and Co should be shipped to Gaza, and why not the want to stand in solidarity, so do it properly.
Meghan ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.17.12)
20. Let them leave to Gaza
and be with their people and "martyrs".
21. Israel is such an apartheid state.
Eric ,   Canada   (11.17.12)
22. Spiteful enemy support, but credit to IL for tolerating it.
People can say anything and be protected in democracy under freedom of speech laws. We can object to what they say, abhor it vehemently, but we cannot deny them their right to express themselves. Israel must never lower itself to imitatingg its enemies.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.17.12)
23. This kind of tolerance must stop!
Israel will not survive as a Jewish state if it will continue to allow such 'people' to be elected to the Israeli Parliament, and continue to support the enemies of Israel. Israel must choose in between being far too democratic ( to a point of risking its survival) to being ethnocentric. We must protect our interests as Jews and ensure that the likes of Zoabi will not be elected to the Israeli/Jewish Parliament and will not receive any wages from the Jewish/Israeli tax payers, many of whom are risking their lives right now to also protect the 20% Arab population of Israel. Someone like Zoabi would not have survived long in a place as Gaza, where women like her would have got oppressed, silences if not killed for her modern & free life style. This is not to mention that she did not seem to have protested the killing of Jews in and out of Israel, and that she knows very well that Israel is the best place in the MIddle East for Arab women & girls. This kind of tolerance by the Israeli authorities must stop. We must separate those so-called Arab/Israelis from our lives as Jewish/Israelis. They should join their so-called 'martyrs' brothers & sisters, live with them & attempt to express their views amongst them, if they'll ever be allowed to do so by the likes of Hamas...
Mina ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.17.12)
24. My east european pink skin owns this land
Tzvi ,   Isghael   (11.18.12)
25. Israel need concrete transfer plans.
Israel needs to face the fact that most Israeli Arabs hate us and draw up concrete plans to transfer them out. Let the Arab MKs hold a moment of silence to commemorate their permanent departure from our land.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.18.12)
26. Send these godless clowns to Gaza!!!
They are overtly treasonous; they should be shot on site--why aren't they? This is typical for political correctness, and when the tenets of of democracy are used against that very system and all its freedoms. This has got to stop-NOW!!!
Mr. Pain ,   USA   (11.18.12)
27. Treason!
What does a person have to do to get charged with treason in this country? Sailing to Israel on a boat full of terrorists who were waiting to attack your army? No. If you're an Arab, it's not treason no matter what you do!
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.18.12)
28. More crocodile tears....
I don't recall any moment of silence for 37000 Syrians slaughtered by their own President. But, of course, that pales next to 40 Palestinians inadvertently killed by Israeli soldiers.
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (11.18.12)
29. Send them to gaza!
Joe ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.18.12)
30. Know your enemy face that lives among you
JJJ   (11.18.12)
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