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Los Angeles protesters clash at pro-Israel rally    Associated Press
1. i therefore conclude
that wherever these radical arab muslims are, expect the worst.
chaya ,   central holy land   (11.19.12)
2. retaliated?
OMG... Israel retaliated coz the palestinians are forced to live in an open prison for life?
frank sol ,   san diego, USA   (11.19.12)
3. Always violence when the pro-palestinians arrive
Pro-Israeli demonstrations are always calm and peaceful, while pro-palestinian ones always carry messages of hate, incitement against Jews and violence.
Alex   (11.19.12)
4. if there were 250 pro-terrorist, there were 5000 pro-Israel
there were not 250 supporters of the terrorists. there were about 50-100. it is a slander on LA to say that 250 lunatics are loose in the city.
rick ,   walnut creek   (11.19.12)
5. retaliated...
^Not for livining there, but because they attack innocent people women old people children . dont tell people more lies man people will know the truth Mexico supports israel!
isaac ,   mexico   (11.19.12)
6. #4 pro israelis and israelis only know violence
abdalla   (11.20.12)
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