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Fallen soldier's family opts for civilian funeral    Itamar Fleishman
1. downplay
The family downplays that he was a soldier The press downplays that he was a Haredi Mitnahel
2. #1
He was not an Haredi mitnahel. Read it! He "left the ultra-Orthodox world." Wonder what kind of burial he himself would have preferred?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.21.12)
3. A hero of Israel
Infinitely greater than any of the Haredi Rabbis
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (11.21.12)
4. TBs Please dont taint his memory with negative talk backs.
To all who post here, please, for his sake, dont turn this into our usual war on everyone not like us. He died doing his duty to the state, and was buried by Hashems law. Enough.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (11.21.12)
5. Many a Son and Daughter Have Died
Isn't it about time that people settled their differences honestly and equitably instead of the constant warfare? So far, the Israeli government has never and I mean never, put forth an honest proposal for solving the Palestinian issue. Any deals put on the table were guaranteed to be unacceptable to the Palestinians and your government knew it. This provided the time to steal more land and build more settlements. This trick worked in the past but those days are over. Israelis are going to have to force their government to sit down with the Palestinians and honestly negotiate for peace. If they don't then Israel is doomed. Not destroyed by the Arabs or Palestinians but by the obstinate (G-d called them stiff-necked) leaders of your government.
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.21.12)
6. Silent!!!
What kind of behaviour should be shown here, civilized respect of life..
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.21.12)
7. To #5.During Clinton's presidency in Camp David, YSH Arafat
was offered %95 of his demands and he rejected them all. Barak was Israel's PM at the time and Clinton Publicly announced PA was responsible for that failure. Peace is not what PA is looking for and they get what they ask for.
Asher ,   NY,USA   (11.21.12)
8. To world citizen
When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Looks like you have no place and no thoughts to call your own. No convictions of heart and no original ideas. Empty brained , just parroting the msm - keep on doing that, someone else will inherit the earth and you'll be entirely forgotten, just as you deserve to be
Emmy Lee ,   State of Israel   (11.21.12)
9. Very moving
To asee the picture of this young man, standing in prayer, has moved my right from the beginning when I saw him. I see in him an example of utmost dedication in such a heart-breaking cause. I pray for his dear family and commit them to our LORD of LIife and all comfort.
Dorothea Killus ,   South Germany   (11.21.12)
10. How heartbreaking
If its not heartbreaking enough that their 18 year old son died, they can't even give him the honour and respect he deserves because they are frightened of their neighbours. At least the rest of the country is mourning a hero, even if his family are unable to admit it...
Liz   (11.21.12)
11. Liz: We're Citizens
Or his parents are smart enough that their son is not and was not a fighter. He was first and for most a man, and only a soldier because our situation necessitates it. We must remember who we really are.
Shuki ,   The North   (11.21.12)
12. Double hero.
He gave his life for Israel and he resisted the old world. When his family and Israelis are mourning, it is not the right time to analyze his resistance, but merely acknowledge his sacrifice for the state. Let's quietly recognize this fallen hero for being brave and righteous in more ways than one.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.22.12)
13. He died for nothing!!!
Because of Netanyahu's and Barak's capitulation to Obamanutless!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (11.22.12)
14. His country called on him...
and he willingly served. He died in service to his country. The simple fact and tragedy is that good men die in war. Rest in peace, son of Israel.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.22.12)
15. Hahedi
To jay abouaf I agree much beter then any of the orthodox rabbis that are for most of them parasites of the Israeli society ( by the way I love the place I got from you in Yafo ) thanks again
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (11.22.12)
16. 2 the family: "May u receive comfort from Heaven"
and May it be G-d's will that you know no more sorrow. May the memory of your son, (our IDF soldier, Corporal), Yosef Partuk be for a blessing. He was your son and so you remember him. He was our soldier and so we honor his memory.
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (11.22.12)
17. 'Shall I settle here, while my brothers go off to War?'
Israeli needs to be Haridi-Rhein.
30odd06 ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.22.12)
18. @17 better the Charaidim Here than...
u 30odd06 telling us what to do with our Charaidim... and what on earth is up with the use of the expression "Haridi-Rhein"? Kristallnacht wasn't so long ago we don't use words like that!
19. yosef partuk killed
so sad to lose a young man who lost the chance to become a scientist, doctor, musician, three sons here could grow up and use their will always remember Yosef Partuk.....comfort to his family, mother of three grown up sons
mrs. tycko ,   ny, usa   (11.23.12)
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