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Israel eases Gaza border restrictions after truce     Attila Somfalvi, AP
1. Thisd is bad. Worse than Olmert's 2006 failed adventure.
ft ,   herzliya il   (11.24.12)
2. What did Bibi get in return?
Wondering what Obama promised in return for this Bibi blunder?
Isabella1709 ,   Tampa USA   (11.24.12)
3. #2 he promised his full support for Bibi for 2013
4. Gaza
The Palestine Ghetto has been liberalized a little. Hooray for the Jews.
Edward Lyon ,   Mexicali, Mexico   (11.24.12)
5. #2
Jeff ,   USA   (11.24.12)
6. we should be honest with ourselves & raise a white flag
Seven Israelis are dead, some injured, peoples homes damaged, billions of Shekels spent and what did we get in exchange: We do not as for any commitment from Hamas on how long any ceasefire will last so most likely it will be the traditional one which last for a matter of months rather than years which Bibi originally demanding. We have eased border restrictions and now keep them open 24/7 We are making smuggling from the sea easier. Lost even more of our deterrent capability because Hamas know how to play us for fools. In sixty four years we have ever started a military campaign but in exchange for a ceasefire when we had the upper hand we reward the enemy with security concessions they have wanted but been unable to get for years.
zionist forever   (11.24.12)
7. What did BIbi get?
A kick up the a--- I hope.
Lio ,   London UK   (11.24.12)
8. Olmert had bush and mubarak vs obama and morsi
You can't compare the situations.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
9. Wrong olmert was worse by leaving gaza/egypt border to iran
Olmert, livni, sharon were the ones who left gaza border on philadelphia route to iran. bibi warned it would turn into an iranian satellite state. Mofaz was for leaving gaza too.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
10. Wrong olmert was worse he left gaza under no pressure
Olmert and sharon had bush and mubarak in power and decided to leave gaza on their own. They destroyed israel forever. bibi warned what would happen. He isn't the person that destroyed israel.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
11. What has history taught us?
israelis reneg on their promises. An israeli pledge, promise, vow, agreement, etc last only as long as it takes to say it. Then they are released from their pledge.
Shylocke   (11.24.12)
12. The US is deplying forces to Gaza
eliminating arms stores and stopping arms smugglers.The forces will be actively engaged doing this.Also, US will build a security fence in Sinai.This should greatly reduce arms into Gaza, bring more security to Israel and hugely hinder Iran,Somalia and arms from Libya. seems like a big win for Israel . Time will tell
Don ,   USa   (11.24.12)
13. 10
Olmert pulled out unilaterally because everybody's election campaigns were on hold and Livni was way behind in the polls and needed to get some campaigning if she was going to have any chance at winning the election. Sharon's decision to pull out of Gaza was a tactical move that went wrong. He wanted to keep the Americans off his back because he wanted to continue building in Jerusalem Judea & Samaria and not be under any pressure to talk to Abbas. Idea was apart from the nationalists and religious nobody wanted Gaza. There were just 8000 Israelis surrounded by over 1 million arabs and so it was costing a fortune to protect them. In 1979 Begin wanted Egypt to take Gaza off our hands but Sadat didn't want it anymore than we did. Sharon can be forgiven over Gaza because it was a tactic that if it had gone right would have brought rewards, Olmert cannot be forgiven because he came running out of Gaza and his motive was the election. Bibi despite being pressured by Obama also cannot be forgiven because of all the concessions he made.
zionist forever   (11.24.12)
14. To 1# Olmert took away israel ability to act with unifil
No such thing happened here. This is the same agreement as cast lead 2009. Same easing of restricting happened then and were taken away when truce was broken. Israel still has the ability to act against tunnels and act against intelligence. To compare the situations is wrong. Israel used to act in southern lebanon against hezbollah with mossad placing bombs against hezbollah but since unifil is there israel has no power to act anymore and hezbollah now has four times the rockets since 2006. Bibi isn't the enemy.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
15. To 1# olmert had eu at rafah terminal
Livni and olmert wanted unifil and eu in gaza strip which would take away idf's ability to react like in lebanon now. Livni wanted uk ships off gaza coasts taking away israel's ability to act. Bibi didn't do anything like this. To compare bibi to olmert is wrong. The media will destroy likud once again and we will get the left in power like in 2006 and with the left in power with obama in power you will see un and eu in gaza taking away israel's ability to ever act again like in lebanon.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
16. To#4 A Thanks Gets One Back!
Yup, The bomb shelter generation of South-West Israel can come outside of the shelters for the next few days, weeks, months?-Until the next barrage going on for more than a decade falls on them again. Thanks Hamas-Palestine, and Jason your enabler for a little bit of life, and freedom.
ZiFl ,   USA   (11.24.12)
17. #4 Correction On My Reply
Yup, The bomb shelter generation of South-West Israel can come outside of the shelters for the next few days, weeks, months?-Until the next barrage going on for more than a decade falls on them again. Thanks Hamas-Palestine, and Edward your enabler for a little bit of life, and freedom.
ZiFl ,   USA   (11.24.12)
18. Unite with your brothers
east of the Wadi el Arish line, morons. A viable new state to born, with millions of economic chances.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.24.12)
19. To 13 these same concessions happened in 2009, not binding
Israel still has the right to act with intelligence. This isn't a un security resolution with unifil getting more power like in lebanon in 2006. Israel can still act against suspicous people, act against tunnels and any ceasefire break ends any concessions like 2009. Sharon's mistake was an utter disaster. Rockets had been fired for years. Bibi warned of a satellite iranian state in gaza. But the voters made sharon pm and people like mofaz supported him and turning gaza over to iran and turning the philadelphia route over to iran was because of sharon, olmert, livni, mofaz and that was awful strategically.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
20. To zionist forever it was either this or a un resolution
Wait until obama is out of office and then you have a republican president that will let israel defend itself instead of a un resolution. Bibi had morsi and obama and this was the same agreement as 2009. These aren't binding concessions and they were overturned last time as well when rockets were fired. This isn't lebanon with unifil having more power restricting idf to do anything.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
21. To 13# olmert pulled out because obama was taking office
Olmert had three years with a supportive president and wasted it while bibi has obama and morsi while olmert wasted it with bush and mubarak. You need a u.s president to block anything in the un and stand up for israel and allow israel to act. The worst is that the olmert, sharon, livni, mofaz, peres group gave gaza to iran when they had no pressure and bush and mubarak in power. Bibi will be replaced by lapid, livni, labor and they will put uk ships off gaza coast restricting idf and they will put un and eu on the borders at rafah and in gaza like livni wanted to do last time.
jason ,   sderot israel   (11.24.12)
22. Proved - Bibi & Barak are the biggest cowards
in Israeli history. Olmert is like King David compared to these two wimps always kissing Obama's & the European's feet.
Amos J   (11.24.12)
23. restriction on movements of civilians for 6+ years
the Nazis didn't even do that during WW II.
observer ,   Egypt   (11.24.12)
24.  It's time
A good start, It's time to reunite Palestinians factions and enter into a peace negotiations in two states living side by side in peace
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.24.12)
25. #23 Movement Restrictions-Reply
That's because the Nazis, unlike Israel, committed genocide, and within a few years against their targeted populations.
ZiFl ,   USA   (11.24.12)
26. And so the Israeli capitulation to Hamas continues...
Bibi lost my vote and that of many others. There should be no restrictions without Hamas stopping rocket imports and manufacture.
Jerusalem Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.24.12)
27. #6 Zionist Forever; Get new glasses
IDF and politicians carried out a perfect execution. They proved Iron Dome, kept bloodshed to minimum, turned the negative PR , got USA guarantee to field soldiers in Sinai to cut out smuggling, improved chances of Morsi taking Gaza into Egypt, kept Hizballah at bay, and left us free to deal with main challenge If you do not see this as a stunning result I am afraid you and those who commended your post are divorced from reality
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.12)
28. Weapons protected Hamas?
How exactly did inaccurate missiles protect Gaza? That's odd logic coming from an official whose territory was hit hard over 1,500 times.
mb   (11.24.12)
29. They will manufacture weapons?
No one can fault use for restricting import of Steel pipes, fertilizer and sugar, materials they use for making flying bombs. I guess they will have to use plastic pipes, organic fertilizers and honey. If we want peace with our enemy we will have to talk one way or another.
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat   (11.24.12)
30. 21
Sadly whatever he did in Gaza we have no choice but to vote for him if you look at the opposition. Shelly Y - a hardline socialist who by her own admission even voted for the communist party in the past and will borrow big. Is once again going to make the peace process a major priority. Has just 6 years of political experience and before that including in the army she was a journalist. Yair Lapid - We have absolutely no idea what he stands for because he keeps promising different things to different groups. He has zero political experience and is just forming his own party so he can fast track his way to the top. Including duing his time in the army he has only ever been a journalist & tv presenter. Shaul Mofaz & Livni both have political and real military experience but neither have leadership qualities and Livni has got a real ego problem. Bibi has been PM twice, been very good at balancing the budget and has military experience. Just a shame he agreed to such a lousy deal with Gaza.
zionist forever   (11.24.12)
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