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Netanyahu, Barak 'Top Thinkers'    Yitzhak Benhorin
1. List has everything to do with politics & ongoing events
nothing to do with being even an average thinker
Cyberbrain ,   World   (11.27.12)
2. Yep: they were "thinking" deep about the nukes!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.27.12)
3. If the Clintons and Obama are from the "top thinkers"
one can just imagine what a magazine this is? Would any sane person purchase such a nutty magazine?
Chaim   (11.27.12)
4. These "thinkers" have 1 thing in common:
How to appease Arabs democratically.
Chaim   (11.27.12)
5. Bib & Barak your "to thinkers" one day
to the ICC and then retirement in jail! never forgive
Salma   (11.27.12)
6. They are not the Top Thinkers !.
They are the Thinkers at the Top. They are all Usefull Idiots as according to me, because all their Policy and Diplomacy will fail. Arn.Sweden.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.27.12)
7. If they were all such great thinkers the world wouldn't be..
in the mess it is today. A mess of their creating.
OMG ,   Israel   (11.27.12)
8. LOL! Yesterday Hürriyet reported proudly
Erdogan and Davutoglu on place 28, of course they did not mention the Israelis at all. That must have caused the wannabe Sultan a sleepless night!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.27.12)
9. They let Hamas off the hook&West supports Abbas at UN becaus
"Hams is so strong,we must strenghten Abbas".Is is deep thinking ?
ab   (11.27.12)
10. Guttman says Lieberman is fastest thinker
Guttman, who served in the National Fraud Unit for 21 years said the image of Lieberman portrayed in the press was very different from the man he had encountered in person. "The man is, in my opinion, the fastest-thinking suspect politician the police have had to face. He will come prepared". "Lieberman does not hide behind his right to remain silent. He won't confess, either. He will give full answers and send police abroad looking for evidence," Guttman said. "He does not stutter, and he is not like Olmert, saying he doesn't remember this or that. He has all the facts in his head, and he does not refer to documents when answering questions".
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.27.12)
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