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Syria: Twin car bombs in Damascus kill 34 people    Associated Press
Where is Clinton? Where is the UN??? Israel defends its self and the world screams!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.28.12)
2. # 1
Syrian war doesn't influence oil prices; so no need to worry; nobody cares whether one hundred or one million will die in that war.
Jules   (11.28.12)
3. #1
No one really cares about dead Arab children. The support for Hamas comes from a desire to get the Jew. As for this terror attack, it was performed by the "Good Guys" (Sunni Jihadis or Western special forces) to kill Alawi civilians so there is no outrage
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.28.12)
4. as planned.
as it seems to close a time to divide Syria as planned. 1 - to fight the Syrians each other even is located the largest number of deaths. 2 - divide Syria into sectarian weak states "This is required as planned" to Syria.
sam ,   colorado-USA   (11.29.12)
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