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Border Guards indicted for abusing Palestinian    Noam (Dabul) Dvir
1. make REAL PEACE Gamal & maybe this wont happen
It might not be professional what these guards did but palestiins don't do anything to make Israelis like them.
zionist forever   (11.29.12)
2. Gaza Defeat revenge
they can not win the war ,so they abuse the people . Mosha Dyan will tun over in his grave for the new crop of IDF
ramallah   (11.29.12)
3. 2
Moshe Dyan created half the Jerusalem problem he is just an icon because of his eye patch and of course his ego. He was not even present at the battle for the Old City but he comes along with the press wearing a helmet and carrying his Uzi like he is just fresh from the fighting himself. Dyan said let the Waqf stay in charge at Temple Mount rather than just take over the site as was originally planned. Dyan said keep the arabs in Jerusalem rather than buy them out dirt cheap whilst they were scared of what Israel MIGHT do. So if we didn't listen to Dyan there would be no so called arab east Jerusalem or Muslims running the site. We would be preserving archeology rather than looking at the dirt piles full of smashed objects get bigger and bigger because of illegal Waqf digging and Israeli governments being unwilling to take them on. Had it not been for Dyan Jews would be allowed to pray at Temple Mount again something the Waqf object to so If Dyan is turning in his grave then thats just fine with me.
zionist forever   (11.29.12)
4. 1 If the story is true,i hope not...
i m afraid , the officers lost all humanity.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (11.29.12)
5. Soon These Racist Goons Will be Facing
ICC Judgement. Instead of a slap in the wrist, or the cops purposely losing transcripts and letting the guilty go, they will face REAL JUSTICE. Congratulations Palestine on your Statehood.
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (11.30.12)
6. What indiction? No sweet for them that evening?
There is no mention period of prison term
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.30.12)
7. #2 AMEN
You are so very correct! Sadly no one wants to know the truth. No one wants to know history. No one wants to think. Therefore you are sadly only speaking to us few.
rachel ,   Home REAL soon   (11.30.12)
8. I meant Zionist forever
Again, no one wants the inconvenient thinking/history/reality lesson. We are on our own. May G-D preserve H-S nation and the global truth if mankind.
rachel   (11.30.12)
9. Lol @ Doug
Palestine is still not a state and the ICC won't do ****. If they haven't done anythinh about the millions killed in genocides in Africa, they won't do anything to Israel.
Jason ,   Florida   (11.30.12)
10. human? the soldiers didnt deal with human..
to enter to the house with knife is human? to throw stones everyday is human? to throw bombs everyday is human? to do terroristic attacs around the whole world is human? to putting children like a human shileds is human? to sacrifice your own people is human? bacteria you have to treath with another backteria ...
jew ,   europe   (11.30.12)
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