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Tensions in Shas reach boiling point     Lior El-Chai
1. Crazy rapture ready feaks
Abdalla   (12.03.12)
2. Shas build 50,000 homes for jews in Judea and Samaria !
Emmanuel   (12.03.12)
3. Cut the beards, throw off the kipas you are a gang of
thieves. I cannot fathom why any selfrespecting Jew whould vote for these crooks. They remind me of the low life who gets dragged into jail and suddenly gets religion like a disease. I would hope that those who vote for these slime will finally wake up.
Al   (12.03.12)
4. A rascist or an ex con gee thats a tough one
Haim ,   TA   (12.03.12)
5. Deri is a convicted, corrupt criminal.
It's an utter disgrace that he has crawled out of the woodwork, and will again be a minister in our government.
Neil B.   (12.03.12)
6. It shows a healthy competitive spirit..
I don't know where the writer gets his political democracy apparatus: tension, arguments, are the heart of a democratic debates in order to get to a satisfactory modicum of compromise. Failing this fundamental understanding as the soul of any democratic endeavour, the writer has to go back to school.
Avouskila ,   South America   (12.03.12)
7. #3 It takes one to know one.
So smart of you to call hunreds of thousands of law abiding citizens (a term foreign to your ears, between your ears...) who voted for what ,as in democratic process is 'feasable' so far, bunch of names, unnecessarily. Calm down and choose who ever you want, let democracy take over your enthusiam. Look around you, and around the world: who goes to politics?! 'deranged' 'thieves' 'lyers' 'artist' 'opportunists', well almost all of us, but somehow they committed the greatest sin: they went into politics, by choice or opportunism, but they are there. Try and debate their agenda, no their characters, we all are the same, no one is a SAINT.
Avouskila ,   South America   (12.03.12)
8. tahzik oti. tahzik oti, ani omer leha! ani meturaf! tahzik o
ti o she-ani ertzah oto.
oferdesade ,   israel   (12.03.12)
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