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3 arrested for vandalizing Palestinian property     Itamar Fleishman
1. hahahhahaha
what a bunch of muppets! ... Anybody still maintaining that it was Palestinians who did all those price-tag actions and pretend the settlers were doing it? ... or .. or .. do you think those guys are actually palestinians disguised as settlers? ..
Uri ,   Siberia   (12.03.12)
2. No need to worry they will let them go next day
The law dosent apply to the settlers
David ,   Haifa   (12.03.12)
3. You are wrong Uri of Siberia
There are many documented cases of Arab vandals and ISM provocateurs just for starters. You miss the whole point of this article:: its a free press news item about Jewish vandals who were trapped and will face justice.
Israeli grandma   (12.03.12)
4. Bored American Youngins
American kids in The Middle East anyone?
Lisa ,   Kentucky   (12.03.12)
5. Violation of jewish law for a jew to arrest a jew.
Only democracy   (12.03.12)
6. #3
Dear Israeli Grandma, I frequently see YNET talkbackers claim that Palestinians carry out price tag attacks and claim Jews did it. I've asked for people to support this claim by providing articles or other evidence, but no one ever does. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!
Curious ,   Washington, DC   (12.03.12)
7. Isn't it ironic
Israelis arrest Jews who vandalize Arab property,and yet Arabs who murder Jewish women and children in coldblood are often referred to as great heroes and role models by Arab society.
8. #1
Actually that has happened several times. In May of 2011,Israeli police arrested several members of an Israeli Arab family under suspicion of plotting to kill an Iman due to a business dispute. The murder was intended to appear as a price tag attack carried out by Israeli right wingers. In March of 2012,two Arab students confessed to damaging school property and spray painting "death to arabs" "price tag" and "holocaust to arabs" at a school for Arab and Jewish children in Beit Zrar,
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