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Hungary PM promises to protect Jews    Reuters
1. hungarian pm promises to protect jews
Victor orban promises???? this guy does not keep his word more than 5 minutes.... Why at all did hungary come to this point? Calls for protection of jews are nonsense.He should promise to prosecute his political bed partners "JOBBIK".They are the ones who fan anti semitismn in hungary.
gabor ,   jerusalem   (12.04.12)
2. hungary?
They did such a great job "protecting" Jews in the Holocaust that 600,000 were brutally murdered and most of the few who survived, fled for their lives after hte war and in 1956, 1989...
ej ,   tlv   (12.04.12)
3. He is promising to forbid
the dozens of inciting antisemitic websites since years. Instead in recent months some previously unknown ones are born. Their topics : jews, zionists, Israel, sufferings of palestinians, israeli agression, world jewish conspiracy, financial exploitation of Hungary by jews etc.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.04.12)
4. Waiting for the "some of my best friends are Jews" comment..
Tahl   (12.04.12)
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