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UN chief warns Syria's Assad on chemical weapons    Associated Press
1. Whoever commits gross violation....
slaughtering 30,000 humans isnt a gross violation? the UN was created to stop slaughter like this, now that we know that they didnt, simply because china and russia said no, this means that in future confilics there will always be one big power that wont agree, so whats the point of the UN, just to spend a bunch of money?
jeff ,   uk   (12.05.12)
2. Ban needs banana to shut up !
its okay to kill tens of thousands of Syrians with guns, tanks etc, but using chemical weapons is a red line !! oh my.
Salma ,   State of Palestine   (12.05.12)
3. islam factions already Vowed to use Nukes on Israel
World domination thru Conquests via terrorism, politicizing, infiltration tactical s will never cease. They have already vowed to use nuclear weaponry on Israel. So you actually think asking them to hold the chemicals will delay them? Mass destruction of humanity to them is a victory, 74 VIRGINS logic!
zob ,   Ashqelon, Israel USA   (12.05.12)
4. Satanyahu and syria
It's only a matter of time before satanyahu the Jewish prime minister of the Jewish Israel orders An attack on Syria.
Butros ,   London, englAnd   (12.05.12)
5. #2 .But when terrorists shoot over 1000 rockets
and mortars from gaza into civilian population areas in Israel, and Israel waits 6 MONTHS until their "red line" is crossed and they respond with force, than you "palestinians" jump up and down like a tribe of enraged baboons, plastering photos of dead children (photographed in Syria) all over the Net and newspapers! There is no end end to "palestinian" deciet and hypocrisy.
A ,   Belgium   (12.05.12)
6. UN chief
Did it ever and does it at times occur to any UN chief that those who most need to be admonished are the US and Israel, without forgetting France ( remember Algeria) and the UK ( do not forget Kenya) ?
John Watson ,   London England   (12.09.12)
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