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Israeli society oppresses women     Sami Michael
1. Utter drivel
The author lives in Israel, a country whoes heros include such strong personalities as Golda Meir, and who's current Prime Minister candidates include people like Livni. & while the religious courts may be antiquated, the fact is that Israel has secular courts. The author simply likes to hear himself type ad nauseum. Yawn ... zzzzzzzzzz
Johnny Boy ,   Jerusalem   (12.07.12)
2. Who is Sami?
What contact does he have with intellectuals and great thinkers? He sounds as if he's rather prejudiced himself.
Yasmin   (12.07.12)
3. What an absolute load of trash...sorry I read it
NudNik69   (12.07.12)
4. Fresh horse droppings, arabs do that to women, Jewish women
don't take it, OK maybe some charadi women are ultra submissive but only because their mothers trained them not because they need to be.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.07.12)
5. militantly deluded
such utter, mindless trash! no wonder the ACRI provokes and incites "incidents" between israelis and arab palestinians - their ideology is militantly delusional. the very image of angry mobs chasing people for the very same thing which they themselves are doing, is emblematic of their "end justifies the means" moral morasse, caused by their witless sloganeering.
red ,   toronto, canada   (12.07.12)
6. article will be perfect if change all "Israel" to "Iran" ?
Mr Michael from "Association for Human Rights in Israel " is it? no wonder! AHRI is true blue liberals.... should i say more? Mr Michael, one question: did you mix up the location? are you talking about Gaza, or Syria, or Egypt, or Iran? whatever we Singaporean women here enjoys, i dare say Israeli women also enjoys equally. you are just using the best liberal election tactic , as like Obama shamelessly used Women as his wooing target for winning Nov election. We women has always been the easy target for the leftists, the liberals, sad to say, many fall into their fishing net willingly. Mr Michael, before you write another article on same topic, take a trip to Sudan, Iran, even to Gaza will do.
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (12.07.12)
7. stupid article, not supported by data or facts
this woman has flipped. the article doesn't belong here.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (12.07.12)
8. What???
This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read
Anonymous ,   Tel aviv Israel   (12.07.12)
9. Who is Sami Michael
to defend ultra-orthodox women who generally do not feel discriminated against or oppressed. Just the opposite, unlike the secular, ultra-orthodox are proud of their status. These ACRI nutcases are like the judges in Israel's high court who think they ought to meddle in everyone's affair.
Mendel   (12.07.12)
10. What country/planet?
Where is the poster of this article from? I'm just totally lost & can't make sense of it at all. There is no panacea of human rights on earth, but I just can't fathom that the state of Israel is being accurately or unbiasedly described in this article.
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (12.07.12)
let us get one thing straight, Israel is far FAR better for women that the majority of the "neighbours".,7340,L-4316740,00.html And by the way, I was once turned down after a blind audition for an orchestra, because when they saw me I was pregnant...IN GERMANY!
rachel ,   chutz4now homesoon   (12.07.12)
12. Sick?
Only thing "sick" here is Sami Michael .
Dan Friedman ,   NYC   (12.07.12)
13. Ridiculous
We had a female PM 40 years ago. How many countries can claim that? We have female combat soldiers, MKs, etc. Women have more opportunities here than anywhere in the middle east, or africa. Get a clue.
JB ,   Rehovot Israel   (12.07.12)
14. I agree with all the points you made, Sami
EXCEPT the following: 1) Women have the right to their own bodies. No! Only God does. She has no right to abortion. 2) A Woman was created from the rib of a man -Adam. 3) Women may be breadwinners, but are always only helpers to their own husbands. All your other points I 100% agree with and am with you all the way. GREAT Article.
Israeli 2   (12.07.12)
15. what idiocy
does the authoress not understand the difference between sex and race? or are eurotrash wannabe Israelis , dont know the nuance of racism in their zeal to be "normal"
avi ,   nyc   (12.07.12)
16. The author is describing Arab/Muslim countries perfectly !
Abraham ben jacob ,   Canada   (12.07.12)
17. Am confused, is this satire?
Danny   (12.07.12)
18. What an embarrassing round of crap! Only a woman could've
written it! Really Sister, what planet are you living on? I have an idea: a RED one, right....???
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.07.12)
19. Sami, are you on A'jad's payrole?
What drugs is he on? Wtf is he talking about?
HaifaGuy   (12.07.12)
20. stupid title
The Arab author, Sami, misleads the readers as Israel is FULL of Jewish women at the top of every sphere in Israeli society. It is ALL about women's rights. It is the ARAB woman, put down by Arab men, as in every Arab country in the world, who this article is about. Don't smear Israel, Sami, you are not telling the truth.
Julie ,   Israel   (12.07.12)
21. Justice
Bravo. It is good to hear men speaking out on this fundamental global, not just Israeli, issue. Justice demands that men and women are seen as full and equal partners in all societies. Keep up the good work.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (12.07.12)
22. I long for the day
when a group of women enter Mea Shearim and get a hold on some black coats and beat them to a pulp.
Sagi   (12.07.12)
23. ACRI
While much of what Sami says is true, it appears that from this article at least, he projects his own personal issues into the public sphere. When one publizes an important cause such as the stopping the oppression of women and then uses language that is violent in tone it produces more of the same.
Steve ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (12.07.12)
24. WE DO?!!!!
Dovid ,   Haifa   (12.07.12)
25. Israeli women need to eliminate the rabbinical court.
Please start the movement, you will win. This will be the first step to total liberation.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.07.12)
26. In the next Knesset
Sami will be able to call on Shelly Yachimovitch and Tsipi Livni as party leaders to implement his noble vision. So maybe the situation is more hopeful than he thinks.
Freddy ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.07.12)
27. oh, gosh
Oh, gosh, what recycled ca. 1970 American feminist muck. I have known many Israeli women and, while there is some substance to certain specific allegations by the author, NOT ONE feels this way in general. This whole ludicrous article has the air and sound of an adolescent feeling the first sweet winds of rebellion and shouting accusations at his parents without any trace of nuance and maturity.
E. G. Marsch ,   Nahariya, Israel   (12.07.12)
mr. sami. you are totally wrong. women are superior to men. this is why they should not be wasting their time doing physical and menial work. this is left to the man to do. they are more spiritual. have an excellent instinct and make better decisions than men. this is what the Torah teach us. naturally u have your own self hating Jew interpretation
david cohen ,   china   (12.07.12)
29. The fact is that
Women's status in society is a product of men's own status in the same society and on their education, psychological development and on life perception in general. Women discrimination is a complicated issue, and writing about it constantly will not make it better. As a woman, I feel that the article is downgrading in itself. Nothing that has been mentioned is new, we know all that ,but the question is what men can do to change that? What sadness me the most is that men are capable to understand that we are discriminated, downgraded, but they do not understand that it is because of them. We women and children were put in men's protection, so if all that happens its because men have forgotten their obligation towards us. Men and women are distinct creatures but also the same. We compliment each other, women cannot live without men and vice verse.
RMR ,   US, Boston   (12.07.12)
30. LOL...
I believe that author came from Saudi Arabia or Iran. Israeli women are very strong and independent.
Chris ,   Austria   (12.07.12)
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