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US official: New Iran sanctions measure to 'lock up' oil earnings    Reuters
1. Only people on the ground will suffer
but they will continue to vote for the mullahs who become fat by the day, is happenning in South Africa. Just nuke them so they can know that what they want to do Israel how it feels.
Moses Mafora ,   Johannesburg, RSA   (12.07.12)
2. Havn't heard from rag-head or the mad monkey lately
Must have been an earthquake...
Ypip ,   Canada   (12.07.12)
3. Sanctions hurt, but not enough
to deter Iran. Let's stop kidding ourselves. China, Russia, and Turkey defy the sanctions. Even Germany is a major source of parts for Iran's nuclear initiative.
SG ,   Teaneck   (12.07.12)
4. Let's revisit calory count per Gazan? Mrs. Hass???
Miron ,   USA   (12.07.12)
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