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Mashaal: Hamas won't recognize Israel    Elior Levy
1. Why so much attention to terrorists ?
Jules   (12.08.12)
2. Now its Israels turn to miss an opportunity
to send all those terrorists to hell in a ball of fire.
A ,   Belgium   (12.08.12)
3. Another peace rally in Gaza (end)
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (12.08.12)
4. And Israel just watches and does NOTHING???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe this stupidity.
Yigal   (12.08.12)
5. There are NO Muslim holy sites in Israel. NONE. ZERO.
they are all Jewish and Christian that Islam wants to steal.
Gretta ,   Holland   (12.08.12)
6. These guys are all ready to make PIECE
Gil ,   Iel Aviv   (12.08.12)
7. Peace? Not unteil they love their kids MORE than they hate
Oscar ,   Germany   (12.08.12)
8. make them run back to their tunnels
Should do a low altitude fly over with a bunch of F-16s during the ceremony and watch them scatter like roaches when you turn on the lights. Maybe drop some leaflets saying "Run and hide!" as we go by too.
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (12.08.12)
9. This viper's nest will have to be taken out one day!
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.08.12)
10. #2 A. Ah, a drone, a drone, my kingdom for a drone!
But, alas, King Bibi failed again. He missed Khaled Mashaal in Jordan during his first "reign" as PM and has now missed a golden opportunity for turning the Hamas leadership in to Hamas mousse! It is doubtful that Bibi was worried about "world opinion", a world that he has alienated. More likely he decided that as long as missiles don't fall on Caesaria , Jerusalem and the "illegal settlements" of the fanatical right wing, he should let Hamas make a foll of Israel and continue with the holy Jihad against Jews? How much longer till the next Fag'r on Tel Aviv or the next Grad on Sderot? That's the "periphery", so who cares?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (12.08.12)
11. Hope Killery is proud of the "ceasefire" she has created....
And the woman wantst to be the president? She has no idea shat she is doing.
Geri ,   Florida   (12.08.12)
12. #4-Israel does nothing....
thanks to the concessions Israel made as part of the understandings for the POD ceasefire. Never mind, history shows once Hamas has re-armed the next round will begin, at which point targetted assinations can resume
Get Real ,   UK   (12.08.12)
13. PACIFICATION=Removal hostile MAGNET buildings TEMPLE MOUNT.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.08.12)
14. you guys must be going insane
To have all your enemies within a couple of yards from each other and not anything about it.
aiman ,   jersey   (12.08.12)
15. Explicit Hamas!
No doubt about intent, no doubt about means, no need to further explanations.
paulo ,   brazil   (12.08.12)
shelly ,   south africa   (12.08.12)
17. Pacifist rally
These people want sincerely the peace. It is visible In the ground and through their speeches. They are pacifists. Israel should prepare to sign an Oslo treaty and give them Haifa Jerusalem tel aviv hadera netanya Ashdod and all ! Then peace will be complete.(:
Gallula ,   Paris   (12.08.12)
18. Jerusalem
In the KORAN, Jerusalem is mentioned only once, as a distant dream. and so be it, according to their own prophecy, Jerusalem will always remain a distant dream for Muslims.
Takaneilat ,   Eilat   (12.08.12)
19. That almost guarantees praise from Obama
Can an official state visit be far behind?
steve from raleigh   (12.08.12)
20. wooo hooo the peace process is back on track
zionist forever   (12.08.12)
21. Here's how Mushall will recognize Israel, he will see all
the men in kipahs restoring Israel to its former glory in its vibrant economy that was created by Jews with H-Shem's blessing. And the Jewish ladies will be smiling, hugging & kissing their beautiful intelligent children. And you & your dumb kinsmen-women & children will be tossed out of all the land as H-Shem spoke & you all deserve. You even look like a donkey. By the way, do you need a license to drive a donkey, or do you look like a camel. Either way, you are disgusting
Moshe ,   Usa   (12.08.12)
22. #18, Correction: Jerusalem is not mentioned even once
In the Quran.
Jake   (12.08.12)
23. Now the Left will learn True Palis Intentions
Hope this proves to the left in Israel and groups like JStreet that don't represent American Jews what the true intention of the Palestians and the Arabs are. Our destruction as a people and a country for our people the Jewish people.
Bill Stein ,   USA   (12.08.12)
24. Thousands Attended
How many did not attend this delusional circus? Maashal is no closer to Jerusalem than he was when he was in Damascus, political or military terms. His war aims are clearly stated and will be treated as an enemy state in the next round. Not every Gazan believes there was a victory in the last round. Most probably due but not a lot of them.
Ron ,   LA   (12.08.12)
25. .....and now for something new (end)
DT ,   TA Israel   (12.08.12)
26. I cant belive I'm reading this news did somebudy can send
the link to Bibi ,it seems the Gasa'ns are angry an they want our country for them. Its intersting we still waiting? what for
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (12.08.12)
27. Yes Oscar (#7): Golda was right!
emanon ,   USA   (12.08.12)
28. Instead of giving publicity for Hamas
YNET should give perspectives to Gaza population. Unite with the east Sinai arabs to create a new state with them. The new capital : El Arish.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.08.12)
29. Thank You Mashaal!
For clarifying to the entire world what the Palestinians' REAL objectives are. All the more reason to neither trust them nor give them anything because they want all of Israel. They are embedded in a primitive 7th. century barbaric doctrine and there is no reason to waste any more time with them.
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (12.08.12)
30. Is it me or Mashaal looks like
the middle eastern goerge clooney
aiman ,   jersey   (12.08.12)
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