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Soldiers: Our hands are being tied    Itamar Fleishman
1. rock throwing
Rocks are deadly weapons. Soldiers should be authorized to shoot to kill rock-throwers, after an announcement that henceforth anyone who throws a rock can expect to be shot.
Dan ,   USA   (12.10.12)
2. three are to blame
The rioters would have never attacked US marines. The moment they crossed the marines' perimeter, they would be dead. The next day, their families would be arrested and their leaders dead by drone attack. In Israel, if the soldiers defended themselves they would have been jailed. There are three to blame. Ehud Barak who uses his iron fist against Jews while encouraging Arab violence. The radical foreign-funded NGO Mahsom Watch who hunt the IDF Gantz who fired a Lieutenant Colonel for protecting himself against a Danish anarchist.
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (12.10.12)
3. Shoot to kill
Dan : Shoot to kill ?? Easy for you to pontificate from your comfortable chair in NYC
sid ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
4. Rioters and stoning...
Large groups of adult rioters throwing stones should be classified as "a clear and present danger". It is definitely done with an intent to damage and kill if possible. The soldiers should be permitted - explicitly - to open fire to defend themselves in these circumstances.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (12.10.12)
5. The job of the army is...
... to fight the enemies. The "Palestinians" want to arrange Holocaust-2, nothing else. Appeasement of the mortal enemies is nothing short of treason.
Jules   (12.10.12)
6. The IDF updated the guide line....
The IDF updated the guidelines from walking away to running away from these palestinian stone throwers. Brilliant,who gives these orders. not the ISM or some foreign NGO.You have to shake your head wondering what has happened to the IDF.Will these soldiers be given white flags next.
Jarred Stone ,   London UK   (12.10.12)
7. Soldiers, dont enter palestinian villages. Come home
Jerusalemitr   (12.10.12)
8. What a joke
Cameras should be illegal. Filming this is a War Crime. Take Abbas to The Hague.
Mike ,   Australia   (12.10.12)
9. Get out of there
Just get out of there. You don't need to have stones thrown at you and Palestinians don't need foreign soldiers occupying the land which is internationally recognized as theirs. Nobody deserves this!!
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo   (12.10.12)
10. #1
Including haredim??
11. Embarrasing
The whole situation is just embarrasing. The army should take care it doesnt happen again ever. In the Middle East there is no place for those who are deamed weak. An APC could've helped in this situation...and not sending in 6 men squads into places like those sounds quite reasonable too.
Hatikva ,   Spain   (12.10.12)
12. Pathetic!!
They could easily fire in the air or at the legs of the protestors. This is real, left wing, lame Tel Aviv stuff. Grow some motherf*ckin balls you pathetic excuses for IDF!!
Gil ,   London   (12.10.12)
13. Throwing stones
People occasionally die when throwing stones at armed soldiers. Soldiers frightened of punishment are more apt to run than to engage.
shrinkDave ,   miami USA   (12.10.12)
14. A homage to Gantz
He has humiliated and punished anyone who uses force
Ilan   (12.10.12)
15. losers....
Yanni   (12.10.12)
16. hands tied
Why don't the IDF get THROW NETS(same as for animals) which these people are and mount them on a jeep to be shot with a bazooka from 50-100 metres thus eliminating our boys from getting stoned by the animals.Once you catch a few the rest will get the message.
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (12.10.12)
17. Rocks are Lethal Weapons
If my child is threatened by a rock, I hope his commander will give the order to shoot. My son knows that if gd forbid he goes to jail his mother will be there with him. His job is to protect Eretz Yisrael and I am behind him 1000%. The politicians need to support our troops! Rock throwers are not diplomats!
Worried Mother ,   Hasharon   (12.10.12)
18. dropped gun
did a soldier drop and leave behind his hand gun at the 1:06 minute? or is it a magazine clip ? looks like a hand gun to me ????
joseph ,   usa   (12.10.12)
19. poor leadership in the IDF; disgusting retreat
first, get rid of the press. then, disperse the rioters. if they resist, use the least amount of force necessary, whatever that is, to elicit compliance. finally, if the rioters resist and pose an imminent danger to life and limb, do them a favor, kill them.
rick ,   walnut creek   (12.10.12)
20. Where was the support back up.
Did these soldiers wander outside their zone? Whatever happened is important only in the respect the IDF learns from this obvious operational mistake. Luckely, No harm no foul
Shep Fargotstein ,   Memphis, TN- USA   (12.10.12)
21. Wartime & peacetime....
There is a difference.we want our armed forces to protect us but when war erupts & the rubber meets the road, politicians (liars) will blame it on whoever is under them & so it goes till it gets to the actual troops on the ground that's REALLY fighting & protecting. IMHO, soldiers should have immunity from prosecution of ANY type. In those cases where a soldier goes off his rocker, get him help NOT a jail cell!
Belinda ,   Texas, USA   (12.10.12)
22. The same leadership
The leadership that runs Israel is the same that read the Goldstone report, supplied electricity to Gaza and otherwise supplied Gaza during wartime. Not that the IDF performed badly, they did not. This is also the leadership that allowed 65,000 illegal African/Moslems to waltz into Israel and stay there.
Ron ,   OC, USA   (12.10.12)
23. Run away or the ICC might call u a war criminal
Alan ,   SA   (12.10.12)
24. New guidelines
This is atrocious. The Bible says, Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellers there is safety Prov 11:14. This is no way to run an army. The leadership (The ones setting the rules) are the ones failing. This is risking Israeli soldiers lives. This also will not get any better, especially with this video out. Leadership needs to set new proper guidelines that will enable the soldiers to act intelligently and without fear of condemnation.
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (12.10.12)
25. idiot gantz sends soldiers who are prevented from shooting
soldiers are not riot control police dumbass.
bernard ross   (12.10.12)
26. Yanni nr 15
Why losers ? Do you want the IDF to open fire ? The IDF can open fire and kill the lot of these bastards, then what you will say. Israel killing children !!!!!!!
27. Arabs stone throwers
Arutz Sheva reported that the IDF were turned down by their commander because of photographer. The best thing for the IDF is to confiscate all cameras & mobile of the trouble maker. These photographers & the lestist are encouraging the Arabs to throw strones on the IDF. Stones can kill a person, and also can damage a person for life. Arrest teveryone near the stone thrower and charge them as incitements, and encouraging the peace. This will stop the photographer not to encourage violence.
28. fleeing stpne throwers
When did the idf start following obsmas rules of disengagement
clayton usa   (12.10.12)
29. General dodging responsabilities ...
cannot evade the consequences. Our soldiers are heroes and have absolutely nothing to reproach themselves. Where is Ashkenazi? When there is a strong general,there will be no weak soldiers.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.10.12)
30. fleeing stpne throwers
When did the idf start following obsmas rules of disengagement
austin p ,   clayton usa   (12.10.12)
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