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Palestinians: Clip of fleeing soldiers – moral victory    Elior Levy
1. end rock throwing
shoot to kill all rock throwers and the people in the background. it will stop rapidly.
alan ,   texas   (12.10.12)
2. stoned
If the soldiers fired back, the leftists will complain. As the soldiers didnt fire back the leftists complain. The moral of the story is to be stoned and not get stoned
N Armstrong ,   The Moon   (12.10.12)
3. Larger rallies are to come...
...and must be met with shock grenades!
nn ,   Norway   (12.10.12)
4. Either way Israel loses
If the IDF would have been tough on them and used their weapons they would have been attacked by the world as being vicious and using disproportional force if they retreat then they are looked at as cowards. Either way we lose.
Naftali ,   Modiin Israel   (12.10.12)
5. Balance&peace ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL and Arab TRANSFER.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (12.10.12)
6. wow
someone should be fired for this
wow   (12.10.12)
7. the resuslt of the feminization of the israeli men
Fred   (12.10.12)
8. Truth in words but the larger concept is lost on Arabs
"What were we victorious over, exactly?" he (Murad Shtiwi) pondered. "We are up against an army that can kill us. We don't have the ability or the strength to confront the Israeli army." Exactly. The Israeli Army could indeed KILL you all, and in no time at all, and yet, they do not. Instead of spreading fire among all of the rock throwers, they chose to hold their fire and pull back. That doesn't make you more strong or have a moral victory. It makes the IDF moral.
William ,   Israel   (12.10.12)
9. How many lives
Lives were spared, although many think that stone throwers, as a lower form, do not deserve life. But, it has nothing to do with them; it has to do with us: we (the soldiers), spared life and this is more than a victory, it is a moral stand, and this is the sole reason that they, stone throwers, will not win.
Arie. R. ,   Ashkelon, Israel   (12.10.12)
10. deterrence
Judjing from the scenes,it appears that the effectiveness of the IDF has been compromised and the Arabs take full advantage of the situation. I am against killing of innocents, but in this case one or two live shots would have ended the uprising and the integrity of the IDF would have been upheld. I grew up in London and had it drilled into me to always take into account what the Goyim think about us. Now we have our country and it's about time that we not take account of the Goyim; we've had it for 2000 years and nothing good came out of it. Bibi before we have another war please let's act like normal people-please.
norman Halfteck ,   Atlit Israel   (12.10.12)
11. Better to run than to kill
The only people humiliated are the rightwing armchair fascists and chauvinists howling for "shoot to kill" and "deterrence". Israe'ls occupation army is what it is. An army of occupation. The demonstrators are protected persons under international law and have the right to resist against the occupation of Palestine. I did not find the soldiers running away particularly humiliating. It is funny to see for once the tables turned. But in this case soldiers were trying to confront the crowd of protesters in riot contol gear and lost. They ran away. So what? The most important thing was, that no one got killed on either side. That is much more important than the wounded pride of the right wing. These things will continue to happen. People the world over support the Palestinian right to freedom in their own state., This could be solved when Israel gives up on the insane Greater Israel project. The Palestinians are not going to go away from their homeland Palestine. So you better find a way to coexist as equals.
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (12.10.12)
12. #11, Ben Alofs, When are you going to admit
That you are also hiding under the nickname "Bennorius"?
Jake   (12.10.12)
13. This shows the moral stands of the IDF
The soldiers heavily armed, could have ended it all in seconds, but chose to run for cover than hurt anyone
Alex   (12.10.12)
14. #11, Better to stay quiet than to lie.
Jake   (12.10.12)
15. What are they doing there?
Why is the IDF in the middle of Arab town, I keep hearing the Israel pulled out of all arab areas...
Jared ,   Stillwater   (12.11.12)
16. oh no....
it is NOT a moral victory. it is a real, actual, undeniable victory with real consequences. the pals realized israel lost it's will to fight and survive, and taking full advantage of it. like the "world" gives a hoot for the idf's restrain, but considering it a fatal weakness.....
les ,   canada   (12.11.12)
those soldiers could have throw the same stones back at them. pittyfull situation.
les ,   canada   (12.11.12)
18. RUn away
They should have invited them to a "Cumbaya my Lord" session THis means you dont know arab culture. iF YOU RAN AWAY once youll have to keep running away....if they pack one soldier they make shishkebab from him...
roma derek ,   belgium   (12.11.12)
19. Israel must establish deterrence for peace to have chance
Israel is increasing looking weak in the eyes of it's enemies and this perception of weakness will not lead to peace. Israel must disperse these violent rioters or arrest them. If Israel does not respond to these riots by establishing calm, then the violence will increase and this will lead to tragedy.
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (12.11.12)
20. Netanyahu is the only winner!
By changing the rules of engagement and tying the hands of the IDF and risking the lives of OUR soldiers, who in many cases are OUR children, Netanyahu has staved off an Intifada 3 from breaking out before the elections! The Palestinians now know that if they throw stones at our soldiers they will run away and then they can attack the Settlers, both legal and illegal as some say, with impunity. This proves beyond any doubt that our Prime Minister will even sacrifice the honor of the IDF and make a fool of OUR country for his own ego and his obsession pf being Prime Minister!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (12.11.12)
21. To #11
Just how do you propose that the Israelis find a way to live in peace with the Palestinians? Hamas has stated that they will never recognize Israel and Abbas has never formally recognized Israel. They incite against Israel and Jews also. So, what peace will there be unless Israel commits suicide. I think the Fakestinians need to find a way to stop their antisemitism and try to accept the country of Israel.
Standing Tall ,   USA/Canada   (12.11.12)
22. stop using dogs as weapons!
Ivan ,   Haifa   (12.11.12)
23. Moral victory?
The mob could have been shot very easily. This is a moral victory for those IDF soldiers for not having used their wapons. I'm not sure if I would have had the same courage. Probably I would have fired at them bastards.
Jim ,   home   (12.11.12)
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