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Iran's supreme leader 'likes' Facebook     Reuters
1. LMAO Does This AK Know Who Founded
His New Past Time? Does Mark Zukerberg Know that the supremeless lead no where aka ayatollah Cockamamie is a fan????????????? Jews Create The Best Things In Life!!!
2. The real surprise
would be, if this rabbi looking elder convert to judaism, and enter the Shas party.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (12.18.12)
3. Hahaha the Iranian equivalent of Hugh Hefner hah!
An old man trying to be popular with mainstream youth. Difference is Heffner doesn't oppress women
David ,   Israel   (12.18.12)
4. Why the accompanying photo of a Chief Rabbi?
Oops, my misteak.
American-Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (12.19.12)
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