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Rare human being    Ron Ben-Yishai
1. Thank you Amnon
For all you did and all you stood for. Thank you Talli and the kids for letting him serve the state and its people instead of staying home with you guys. I am truly sorry for your loss even though selfishly more sorry for Israels loss.
peter ,   tel aviv   (12.20.12)
2. May he rest in peace.
I salute Gen. Lipkin-Shahak for his bravery and service. What I fail to understand is what arab leader he is negotiating peace with and under what conditions. Oslo was a reckless, poorly planned adventure that made a bad situation worse. Two states will not result in peace but only war, terror, death and destruction. May the General rest in peace.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (12.20.12)
3. An officer & a gentleman
Lipkin-Shahak was the only Ramatkal that you could say that of; he always had a low key, calm, intelligent, attentive, demeanor about him. He did not exude that excessively macho charisma or "power" that most senior officers still do (it gets toned down as they climb the ranks), but there was no doubt who was in charge. With that, I think he epitioised the naive general who became a politician, thinking that the political world was the same as the hierarchal army was, & that competence & calm logic would win, or that it would vanquish-or even converse logically- with political crazies. Israel's loss. z"l
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (12.20.12)
4. I salute you...R.I.P
FEMALE ,   Ta/A'dam   (12.23.12)
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